How much money will I need to put aside for my IVF treatment?

When planning your budget for your fertility treatment, there is a lot to take in to consideration

You need to think about the cost of treatment, the medication, the tests, storage along with the travel and accommodation costs if you are travelling abroad.

Add to that, the fact that no-one can guarantee that your first round of treatment will be successful and the build up of costs can seem incredibly overwhelming.

On average, it can take 3 rounds of IVF to achieve a live birth, so before you say yes to treatment at a clinic, do your research

Make sure you have explored all of your options to see if you can get financial cover from insurers, employers or the NHS if you are in the UK.

We turned to our expert Dimitris Kavakas from Redia IVF and asked him to help us understand the cost involved when having IVF. We asked him to help us with a very simple cost sheet, so that you could put together your own budget, to give you a rough idea of how much you might need to put aside for one round of IVF.

How much does one round of IVF cost (approx), without medication in the following countries?

a)    UK: £6,000

b)   USA: $12,000

c)   Europe: 5,000 euros

Cost of IVF in my country of choice = 

How much does medication cost for one round of IVF in the following countries?

a)    UK: £1,200

b)   USA: $7,000

c)   Europe: 1,500 euros

 Cost of my medication = 

How much extra should I put aside for tests in the following countries?

a)    UK: £800

b)   USA: $3,000

c)   Europe: 800 euros

Approx cost of of my tests =

How much extra would it be if I use an egg donor in the following countries?

a)    UK: £3,500

b)   USA: $15,000

c)    Europe: 2,500 euros

Cost of my egg donor =

How much extra would it be if I use a sperm donor in the following countries?

a)   UK: £750

b)   USA: $1,500

c)   Europe: 500 euros

Cost of my sperm donor =

If I am travelling abroad, how much time will I need to spend abroad? (I need to think about how much time I need to take off work and how much I will need to spend on accommodation?

On average, IVF own egg cycles need around a week to 10 days of being abroad at the clinic location. Egg Donation cycles would need around 4-5 days in total.

Approx cost of accommodation = 

Will I need to make several trips abroad to my clinic?

On average patients would need two trips for a fresh cycle and one trip for a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

Approx cost of my flights =

What sort of insurance do I need to take out? 

If you travel abroad specifically for your IVF, make sure you talk to an insurance company about the cover they provide for overseas fertility treatment.

Cost of my insurance =

How likely is it that my IVF will work first time around?

On average, patients need 3 cycles of IVF.

What other options do I have to manage the possibility of having to do 3 rounds of IVF? 

A refund guarantee programme may be a good option as it can include all IVF/medication/donor costs for up to 3 stimulation cycles including any freezing and frozen transfer costs. So, the benefit of this programme is that it would cost the patient much less than adding all the costs for 3 cycles and in addition, it offers a money back guarantee in case all cycles fail to produce a live birth. The average cost of a refund guarantee programme is around £15,000 depending of course on the type of treatment, the clinic and the country.

My totals:

Total Cost of 1 round of IVF =

Total Cost of 3 rounds of IVF =

If you would like more information regarding a refund scheme, click here





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