Mum, 51, becomes surrogate for her daughter and husband

A US mother is about to give birth to her grandchild after becoming a surrogate for her daughter and husband

Julie Loving, 51, had watched her daughter, Breanna Lockwood, and husband, Aaron go through years of fertility treatment with no success.

Breanna, 29, has had four failed embryos transfers, two miscarriages, and an ectopic pregnancy during that time.

She has documented her journey on Instagram over the past four years and has received a huge amount of support from her followers along the way.

Following their last miscarriage, the couple was told Breanna had extensive scar tissue of the uterus and they started to look at a gestational carrier.

The cost of commercial surrogacy in the US starts at about $100,000 and using a gestational carrier involves the woman carrying an embryo created by the intended parents.

Julie had offered to be their surrogate on many occasions but Breanna always said no.

At a fertility appointment Aaron was unable to attend, Julie voiced her desire to their consultant, Dr Brian Kaplin, at the Fertility Centers of Illinois.

At first, Dr Kaplin thought it was a bad idea

He told the Today programme, “Normally, a gestational carrier should be under 40 years old, but in medicine you have to look at an individual and personalise it.”

He agreed to talk to his colleagues about the proposal and asked Loving to undergo many rigorous fertility tests.

He said, “We took it very seriously. Each of the physicians that saw her agreed it was a unique situation. This is not something we would do regularly and advise people to do. This was absolutely exceptional.”

After passing each test the fertility center asked of her, Julie was given the green light to become the couple’s gestational carrier.

The procedure worked on the first attempt and Julie is due at some point in November.

Dr Kaplin said, “I’ve been with Breanna for years with so much trauma and intensity – the resilience was mindboggling. If she did not have her mum, she would not have a baby.”

Breanna said she is ready.

She said, “We’re so lucky and fortunate that this was able to happen for us.”

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