Medistella, the team helping coordinate medical services for people around the world

We spoke to the team at Medistella and asked them to tell us more about how they are helping patients find the right clinic for them.

How did the company start?

The company was founded in 2016 by former IVF coordinators Anna Dostalova and Michaela Novotna, who both had a passion to do more to guide and advocate for women during this complex process.

How does it work? Can you talk us through the process for someone who lives in the UK or the US for example? 

First of all, we listen to the patient’s story and ask about any previous IVF experiences (if there were any) so we get a better feel where to direct them. We also take into account their budget, wishes/preferences. If you are a UK patient you can go to the Czech Republic which is very easy to access. If you prefer to spoil yourself we can offer so-called fertilitymoons by the sea. We really do individualized matches. The goal is not to provide a list of the clinics but with the clinic which can facilitate patient’s needs (from medical, economical and also social view). US patients can save half the cost of their ivf treatment and get the best possible medical care in Europe. They can travel around when having time in between their appointments.

How many clinics are you partnered with? Where in the world are they? Why have you chosen to partner with them?

We have 25 partner clinics. Some of them are in the Czech Republic where we are based and which has a fantastic reputation for medical care. We extended to Spain which is considered as the leading country in the fertility field. It is slightly more expensive compared to the Czech Republic though. We added two more sea locations in Greece and Cyprus. If there is a couple trying to keep the costs as much as low as possible Slovakia can be an option. We have also made tough decisions to stop partnering with clinics who do not meet our standards. So, our patients feel confident in their choice.

What makes a clinic the right clinic for me?

It can vary for each individual couple. You should feel confident about communication, therapy, price and overall impression. What’s more, some countries don’t allow some treatments so the patients have to cross the borders. We are talking about patients like single mothers to be, egg donation or for example lesbian couples. It is also said that some patients do not travel for their treatment because they want to but because they need to. We visited all our clinics personally. Each doctor and coordinator spoken to, and every laboratory inspected. You can follow us on social media so you get an idea because we share our experience from our partner clinics (#behindthescenes). We have active partnerships which means that we always know at which stage our patient is and ask about feedback so we can be sure all is clear and going smoothly.

How do you support people going through infertility issues?

Our first line of support is that we have team members who can personally relate to our clients. These (some of our team members have IVF experience) team members have undergone fertility treatments using Medistella services and are sympathetic to the needs and emotions of our clients.

We have great news for UK couples or single ladies so called mommy to be. Our team recently joined Dr. Kristen Collins who is a trained medical doctor and a former successful patient of Medistella . She has stepped away from clinical practice in order to join our team after being so impressed by our service and care (as she says). After multiple failed IVF attempts in the UK, I was ready to give up but then I found Medistella and now I have a beautiful baby boy to cuddle!“

Kristen is here to look after UK patients and support them in finding superb Fertility treatment in Europe. And we are so happy to have a local ambassador Patient Advocate.

Let us tell you more about Kristen

Kristen is based in Scotland and along with caring for her teenager and bouncing baby, she enjoys eating out and is currently learning lots of new DIY skills while renovating her 120 year old house!

Having been through the IVF process with a variety of clinics, she has a unique understanding of matching individual clients to the right clinic.

What helps set us apart is that we strictly follow the standards which we set up at the very beginning:

Personalised therapy/individual approach to patients

We partner with mid-sized facilities so doctors know our patients / not just their file

Proven success rates

Teams fluent in English and more languages

Prices with no hidden costs

Extended services & better rates (when available) not only with the clinics

Teams who care and are willing to cooperate

Top-notch equipment

Accessible and nice locations

If you would like to get in touch with the team at Medistella, click here

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