Alex Reid’s fiancee has surgery to remove large cyst during latest IVF cycle

Alex Reid and his fiancee Nikki Manashe have revealed she had to have surgery during their latest round of IVF

The couple has been together since 2013 after meeting at the gym and trying for a baby for several of those years.

Alex, who was once married to glamour model and reality television star, Katie Price, announced on Instagram that Nikki had to have a large cyst removed form her womb, after experiencing extreme pain.

He said she was now doing well following surgery

He told his 48,000 Instagram followers: “So today Nikki had surgery. This was not part of the protocol on this IVF journey to baby Reid. Doctors found a large cyst in her womb. Thank god it wasn’t cancerous.”

The pair are currently in their fourth cycle of IVF and  he continued that Nikki had to have the procedure alone due to COVID-19.

“She is a trooper,” he said. “One more hurdle and one extra chapter added to this story. But she is amazing and I am so proud. It’s not often that you can call your life partner your best friend.”

Nikki spoke with IVFbabble this week about her fertility journey so far

“IVF is a long journey and with long journeys you sometimes take the wrong paths, you hit dead ends and can make the wrong choices. I wish I was tested for the NK cells along time ago and I wish I would have had a few consultations with different clinics because just maybe I may have a baby in my arms by now.”

Nikki also shared an image of herself in a hospital gown on Instagram

She said the cyst was the cause of her pain and persistent bleeding.

Doctors removed 60ml of fluid and have told her she would have to have a short pause in her treatment to recover.

Alex and Nikki suffered an ectopic pregnancy earlier in their relationship, which she believes is one of the reasons she is struggling to conceive, along with a high proportion of Natural Killer Cells, a condition that attacks any embryo implanted.

The pair have already had three IVF cycles, all ending in miscarriage, including twins, and Nikki has been unable to carry a pregnancy past the 12-week mark.

Alex has been documenting their story over the past few years and has given up alcohol, caffeine, and hot baths to make his sperm as healthy as possible.

Nikki revealed just two weeks ago that she had started treatment again following the COVID-19 lockdown

Nikki, 35, who is a well known IVF blogger (@ivf_chasing_dreams) described recently how she dearly wants a big family with Alex, 45.

She said she hopes to transfer two of the four embryos they have stored, with the possibility of twins as the outcome.

She told the Daily Mail due to a high number of natural killer cells she carries, and the treatment for the condition to prepare her body to accept the embryo, she must self isolate for the cycle.

If the treatment is successful she will have to be alone for up to 28 weeks of the pregnancy.

She said: “I have to self-isolate on my own, I can see friends and family from a distance but I have to wear a visor and a mask – I can’t even go to the supermarket or see Alex.”

Nikki has been documenting her journey on YouTube and has been distressed by the number of hurtful comments she has received.

She said: “It hurts. I am human and I am extremely emotional and it is a very sensitive topic.

“I don’t understand why anyone who would go out of their way to spread evil and nastiness to someone who is showing such vulnerability and spreading awareness on such a taboo topic.”

To follow Nikki’s journey, visit her blog here, and to follow her on Instagram click here.

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