IVF babble launch new resources for Africa and India

We have some exciting news!

IVF babble is delighted to announce it is launching exclusive resources for all those trying to conceive in India and Africa.

The creation of IVFbabble India and IVFbabble Africa happened following emotional yet inspiring trips to Africa and India, where Tracey and Sara met with many men and women who were all really struggling with the pressures of TTC.

The emotional pain of infertility is universal, however cultural pressures can make the pain even harder to bear

Sara and Tracey had many conversations with couples who felt immense shame by their infertility diagnosis. Being infertile can be seen as a curse in some rural communities, and more often than not, it is the women who take the blame from their family and community.

In many developing countries a woman’s worth is directly and literally tied to her fertility

Women are often viewed and treated as a burden on their families, and on the economic wellbeing of the entire community. When husbands leave them and/or families disown them, they can lose their economic security and end up homeless, cast out, and destitute.

They can be ostracised, abused, and abandoned by husbands and family if they fail to conceive and deliver healthy children. Seeing as infertility affects up to 15% of couples worldwide, this is a problem for countless women. While many cases of infertility (up to 50%) are directly tied to the male, the social repercussions disproportionately fall upon the woman’s shoulders.

Following these conversations, Tracey and Sara felt strongly that they needed to create a more tailored, bespoke support platform for men and women in Africa and India

They set out to bring in more experts and address the myths and misconceptions that are still so prevalent in some rural areas. The websites will feature a step-by-step guide to fertility, the different treatments available, clinic support, latest celebrity stories, real-life case studies, research, and news, as well as the opportunity to talk directly to fertility experts.

Their mission is to provide easy accessible information that will help educate and inform men and women, and their families and communities, about fertility.

Infertility is not a curse

They want to help abolish any shame associated with infertility by encouraging people to speak up about their journeys. They want celebrities to speak out too, to help them see that everyone and everyone can struggle to conceive, regardless of gender or status.

Infertility is so common

They want to highlight the fact that according to the latest figures, about 28 million people are affected by infertility in India alone, an astonishing number. In Africa, it is reported that 14 percent of women experience infertility.

Both Tracey and Sara have had children with their respective partners following IVF treatment and are passionate about supporting others on a similar path

Tracey said: “We fell in love with both India and the African continent on visits in 2019 and earlier this year. We met so many incredible fertility experts, nurses, and staff at the clinics we visited. The love, hospitality and gratitude we were shown was quite overwhelming. We were completely inspired by some incredibly brave couples struggling to conceive and hearing about the hardships many had experienced due to cultural issues too. When we were asked to bring IVFbabble to India and Africa, we felt so passionate about making this happen.

Sara said: “In Africa, there appears to be a lack of knowledge and education when it comes to infertility. It is such an incredible country, the people and the culture were truly inspiring. We met so many amazing people during our visit and cannot wait to come back, but for now, we want to support as many of you as possible. We cannot wait to get started.”

Tracey and Sara launched their first venture, IVFbabble.com, in 2016 and have since watched their followers rise in their hundreds of thousands

They have donated 25 free IVF cycles to people around the globe and have campaigned tirelessly for IVF and fertility treatment to be reintroduced free through Clinical Commissioning Groups in the UK’s NHS.

Along with Fertility Network UK, the pair collated more than 100,000 signatures in support of the campaign, which was presented to 10 Downing Street in 2019.

IVFbabbleAfrica.com and IVFbabbleIndia.com are now both live. If you would like share your stories, as you or anonymously, we would love to hear from you at mystory@ivfbabble.com

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