Michigan couple adds two children to their family with embryo adoption

Chad and Stacy Dykstra, a couple from Cutlerville, Michigan, were devastated to find out that they couldn’t have children biologically, but nothing was going to stop them from building a beautiful family

Chad told their local news channel that they, “did a lot of praying about it, we knew we wanted to have kids, and it was made clear that we weren’t going to be able to do it biologically, so we looked for other options.” They looked into domestic adoption, and were lucky enough to adopt a baby, the now 5-year-old Emma. The couple, smitten with their daughter, tried in vain to adopt a second child but were unsuccessful.

Stacy says, “Things just weren’t lining up as much, and then we heard on the radio about embryo adoption.” It was fate – the National Fertility Support Center in Grand Rapids had recently started broadcasting ads on the radio.

The Dykstras got in touch, which ultimately led to Knoxville, Tennessee’s National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC)

The NEDC is dedicated to helping families like the Dykstras grow their families. Mark Mellinger, the NEDC spokesperson, says, “we’re the world’s leading embryo adoption organization. And, we’re just about to reach 1,000 babies born, a thousand births facilitated. We’ll be the first embryo adoption organization in the world to reach that threshold!”

Organizations like the NEDC utilize the extra embryos left over by couples who have created them for IVF treatments

Chad Dykstra feels that fate stepped in to help them. “We just felt God leading us that way, and it really went well for us. It’s crazy, definitely a miracle, there’s really no better way to describe that.”

Their little girl Kaylee was born in 2018 after she was in frozen storage for 11 years. Just this past February, Stacy gave birth to Kaylee’s biological sister, Josie, who had then been frozen for 13 years!

Stacy still marvels at their family’s unique situation

“It’s kind of mind-blowing to think that they’ve been around for ten plus years each. And to think we’ve been married for ten years, so they were created around the time we got married.”

For the couple, the chance to experience pregnancy and deliver a child that Stacy had carried was extraordinary. “Just being able to carry a pregnancy and adopt a child, it’s kind of, you get both spectrums, and it’s just an amazing way to complete your family,” she explains.

In a few years, Chad and Stacy are prepared to tell their daughters about their conception and birth story

Chad says, “we find that adoption is going to be a part of our lives forever, and so we’re going to talk about it with our girls so that they know about it as well. We love all the adoptions that we had.”

Chad and Stacy have two more embryos from the NEDC and plan to add more children to their family in the future.

What do you think about ‘adopting’ an embryo? Is it something that you would consider? Would you donate your own additional embryos to couples hoping to conceive? Share your thoughts – we want to know your opinions.

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