Could Meghan and Harry be going the IVF route

Now we know this story is all speculation, but we stumbled across this “sighting” the other day and thought we would share it, as we don’t know about you, but we actually like to hear that a celebrity is (potentially) finding it just as difficult to conceive as we do!

More often than not, we read about celebrities sharing news of their ‘perfect lives’, so it can be a help to understand that behind the scenes they are also experiencing similar issues.

Whether or not this is the case with Meghan Markle, we will never know, but, according to eye witnesses, she might just be struggling like us…

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry once famously declared that they would only ever have two children to help minimise their impact on the environment, but could all that be about to change?

The couple have been seen getting into a Cadillac SUV outside a building in Beverly Hills that is home to various different medical offices, including that of renowned fertility specialist, Dr Sharon Winer.

Adding to the speculation is the rumour that a picture has emerged of Meghan holding a bag containing that looks like trigger shots, which as we know too well here, are injections prescribed to women to help trigger ovulation prior to egg harvesting as part of an IVF cycle.

Since Meghan is now 38 years old, speculation is rife that the couple are turning to fertility treatment to give one year old Archie, their son, a sibling – or two!

Dr Suzanne Beth Gilberg-Lenz, an obstetrician based in Beverly Hills, says that trigger shots (also called gonadotrophins) are reported as having “the highest rate of twins among the fertility treatments, with one study claiming that 30% of pregnancies end with multiple births”.

Dr Gilberg-Lenz, who has never treated Meghan, says she’s intrigued as to why Meghan may be using trigger shots, since the incidence of twins is so high.

She said, “A trigger shot essentially triggers ovulation by injecting the pregnancy hormone hCG [human chorionic gonadotropin]. It’s injected medication that stimulates the follicles in your ovaries”.

“Any kind of fertility treatment will increase the chance of multiple pregnancies, particularly gonadotropins.”

One witness, who saw the royal couple getting into the waiting car, said, “It could have been a run of the mill dentist appointment or whatever, but then why would Harry have needed to come with her?” Meghan came out with her prescription plain as day in her hand.”

Sources close to the couple say that they’d like another child, rather than Archie growing up an only child, but whatever the truth is, time will tell, and we wish them well!

To understand more about the drugs and medication used for fertility treatment, take a look at this article.

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