A doctor’s own IVF journey

Being an obstetrician and gynaecologist, it has always been such an honour to
be part of other couples happy stories

The best feeling in the world is to hand over a happy healthy baby to a
mommy who has just ended her nine months of waiting for that bundle of joy.

It has always been my biggest dream to be the one on the receiving side, but Mr Right just never showed up.

I promised myself that if I did not meet him by the age of 38 I was going
to do it on my own!

I was going to go to an infertility lab and choose a daddy for my baby from a catalogue and make my biggest dream come true. Then totally unexpectedly, in a supernatural way, I met my husband at the age of 37. We got married within 9 months of meeting and within just 6 months of being married, we decided to try for a baby.

Because I know all about how the fertility cycle works, I was so shocked
every month that it once again did not work.  The problem was definitely not
on his side, because he already had children from his previous marriage… so
it was me month in and month out doing ovulation tests, keeping positive, doing my
homework and yet nothing happened.

Testing my egg reserve

Then I decided to go ahead and test my AMH levels and they were low, so I knew I was running out of time. It was my age and egg quality that was the problem.

After two years of trying I decided to go to a fertility clinic.  I told my doctor that I did not want to waste time with inseminations, (IUI) and that I wanted IVF straight away. He was happy with the decision as I was already 39 years old.

So there the journey started…

I had my first cycle and, amazingly, we got 4 blastocysts. We put two embryos back, but unfortunately one was a bio-chemical pregnancy and the second one worked! A month after my 40th birthday my precious little daughter was born at 34 weeks because of pre-eclampsia.

My dream came true, I was finally a mommy!

When my daughter was 18 months old my heart started longing for a brother or a
sister for her.  Because we were older parents, it was my biggest fear that
something would happen to us and that she would have nobody. My husband was
not very keen, but said that we could give it one try.

We went for a fresh cycle, and only got two eggs but both fertilised.  On day 5
my doctor said that the one blastocyst did not look so good, so if we were not going
to put it back, it would not be frozen.  So we put both back.

On the day that I had to go for my blood test I did a home pregnancy test
that came out negative.  I was devastated

However … that morning, whilst doing a caesarean section, I received a call from the clinic
to congratulate me on being pregnant!

Two weeks later I scanned myself and there it was!! TWINS!! A brother and a sister were born at 34 weeks, again due to pre-eclampsia.

And here I am at the age of 45, still helping babies come into this world, but with the peace in my heart that the Lord granted me my biggest wish… 3 of my own.”

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