Growing families to provide vital insights on the latest changes to surrogacy and donor practice with their webinars

Five months ago, at the eleventh hour, the Growing Families March 2020 London & Dublin conferences on egg donor and surrogacy options were pulled, leaving hundreds without the information and connections they craved.

From March, our team pivoted to supporting singles and couples in navigating border closures, flight cancellations and travel restrictions to reach their soon-to-be born infants. We have been assisting foreigners with entry to and exit from the US, Canada, Ukraine, Georgia and Greece for surrogacy births. Many of our intended parents have embryos in overseas locations which they are simply unable to access right now for transfers. It’s a frustrating time for many thousands.

Some needing to travel for egg donor IVF have reached out for our assistance with paperwork to travel internationally for embryo transfers.

It has been an extra-ordinary period as rules and requirements have morphed from week to week. The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office has been fast-tracking paperwork to provide emergency travel documents to children born via overseas surrogacy. Some other governments have also been assisting. However travel restrictions for many remain an obstacle.

However we have seen a sharp increase in enquires from intended parents, particularly single men and women, with time to themselves, finally wanting to put efforts into creating family.

So our popular conferences have morphed into a series of two-hour webinars, continuing to bring surrogates, parents and hopeful singles and couples together with experts from around the globe.

In some ways, the webinar format offers more – the convenience of watching from home – the ability to post questions live – and the ability to draw on panelists from around the globe.

During August and September 2020, Growing Families will be hosting a series of four unique webinars to provide vital insights on the latest changes to surrogacy and donor practice in the US, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Greece. 

These will feature speakers as varied as US psychologists, Ukraine surrogates, UK & Russian lawyers, and most importantly parents, providing hope by sharing their stories of successfully navigating surrogacy births in these times. 

On Friday 7 August you can settle in at home with dinner on your lap from 7pm as our webinar crosses live to Idaho and California to hear from medical, legal and counselling experts. On Saturday 5 September from 10am, grab a coffee as we cross to Ukraine to talk to experts there, as well as hearing from parents with recent births in Ukraine. On the morning of 12 September, we cross live to experts in Russia, Georgia and Greece, as well as talking to UK parents who have navigated recent surrogacy journeys in these locations. 

Our parent panels are often emotionally raw, but designed to provide a complete and honest picture of both egg donor IVF and surrogacy journeys. We hope you can join us.

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