The Cope Talks – in case you missed an episode

For those of you who haven’t yet watched an episode of The Cope Talks, let us tell you more

The last few months really have been tough, especially for those trying to conceive. When the fertility clinics closed and treatment stopped as the virus took over the world, patients were left stranded and confused as to what would happen next. With such uncertainty, people became fearful that their dreams of parenthood would become just that – dreams.

We knew that we had to offer as much support as we could, so with the help of some phenomenal fertility friends, we set up The Cope Talks – a weekly webinar that brought together top consultants, psychologists, nurses, and patients.

The webinars and presentations have offered so much information, support and guidance for those trying to conceive during what was an even tougher period in peoples’s lives

The Cope Talks will take a break over August, however, you can watch all of the episodes by clicking here.

For now though, we have highlighted a few. So, make yourself a cup of tea and settle in. These really are so helpful. (Click on the topic title to watch the episode)

Preparing for IVF

In this episode, our experts talk about the things you can do to get yourself prepared and in better shape, both mentally and physically, for fertility treatment.

Coping with the cost of IVF

The high cost of IVF is a huge barrier for so many men and women, with many unable to afford treatment. In this episode, our experts talk about the cost, discuss necessary add ons, and explore the different options available in terms of affordability, loans, refund schemes and grants.

Understanding Infertility. 

So many of us who are unable to conceive naturally don’t really understand why. In this episode, our experts discuss infertility causes and what they mean.

Male Infertility

This episode is an absolute must for men, as the incredible Jonathan Ramsey, top Urologist, joins our panel to discuss male infertility.

IVF Failure & Miscarriage

In this episode, our panel of experts help us understand miscarriage and IVF failure. Andrea Braverman, leading Psychologist who specialises in fertility offers incredible coping tools to help manage our grief and trauma.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a topic that more and more people are starting to discuss. In this episode, our experts explain the process.


In this very powerful episode, our panel our joined by two incredible women who are now mothers thanks to surrogacy. Their stories will inspire and comfort.

If there are any topics that you think we need to cover when we resume back in September, please do drop us a line and let us know!!





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