Brian McFadden and fiancé Danielle share their miscarriage heartbreak after failed IVF

Brian McFadden, former Westlife star, and his fiancé Danielle Parkinson have revealed their miscarriage heartbreak after her recent miscarriage following a failed IVF attempt

The couple, who has been together for four years, got engaged before Christmas 2019, and have been trying to conceive a child for two years. Sadly, they have face complications and heartaches along the way.

Brian, 40, and Danielle, 38, are desperate to start their family together and have been undergoing IVF for more than a year. Some readers might remember that Brian is already dad to Molly, 18, and Lilly-Sue, 17, from his first marriage to Kerry Katona. However, Danielle has no children of her own.

Danielle was lucky enough to get pregnant during her first IVF cycle, but she tragically had a miscarriage just over a month later before even confirming the pregnancy. The couple was understandably devastated.

Danielle, who is a PE teacher, told Hello, “I was about five weeks in. I felt pregnant. I had a backache and some tiredness. Then I started bleeding, and the symptoms disappeared. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. A blood test in the hospital confirmed I’d lost the baby.”

To make the issue even more painful, Brian was in Dubai for a work function, and so Danielle could only speak with her partner over the phone. She felt too despondent away from him, so she flew to Dubai to be with him as soon as possible. Brian was in denial, and he had a hard time accepting the bad news. He “didn’t believe the baby was gone.”

The singer arranged for a top gynaecologist to examine Danielle while they were in the UAE, and he performed a scan that confirmed the devastating news. It was only during this scan that Brian could accept the tragic reality. He says, “It was the worst sinking feeling ever.”

The couple has continued on their path to starting a family by undergoing a second IVF treatment that sadly did not work

They have the option for at least two more IVF cycles and have said that they would consider using the services of a surrogate. They are also open to adoption.

The couple has experienced multiple disappointments in the past year, as they were forced to postpone their wedding due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “We’ve put our plans on hold for the moment. We’re just going to wait and see what happens over the next few months.”

Danielle and Brian started dating in 2016 after they were introduced by fellow singer Cole Paige. After he popped the big question, he tweeted, “FYI I got engaged to the beautiful @DaniParky. And yes, I’m very, very happy xxxx.” The couple lives in Rochdale, and hopes to welcome a child as soon as possible.

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