Baby joy after 17 devastating failed IVF cycles

When you’ve yearned to become pregnant and have a family for so long, finally becoming pregnant and holding that baby in your arms is something you barely dare dream of until it happens

For one couple in Kearns, they know this possibly better than most, after finally becoming parents to a beautiful baby girl after 17 unsuccessful IVF attempts.

45 year old Rosa Gau and her husband Jorge know only too well, the heartache caused by fertility problems and the heartbreak of a failed IVF cycle. But on 30th June, they welcomed little Letizia Teresa Gau into the world and the couple say that they’re “still pinching themselves” as finally having a child feels “surreal”.

Rosa says that holding her daughter for the first time was completely love at first sight, and added, “I think she’s brought out a whole new part of us, that we didn’t know existed – every day is a joy”.

“With all the heartache and all the struggling – and the pregnancy wasn’t easy – it’s just so worth it”

Letizia Teresa was named after her two grandmothers, and her father Jorge says he’s absolutely smitten with her. He’s also full of admiration for his wife, calling her an “absolute warrior” after fighting so hard through a difficult and testing pregnancy and childbirth, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Rosa describes being separated from family as exceptionally hard and stressful, with no outside support.

Rosa says that naming their daughter after her two grandmothers will “instil her with an inner strength” as the two women are among the strongest she knows. It wasn’t easy going birth to Letizia but against all odds, she arrived into the world fighting.

The IVF journey that led to this beautiful moment was long, but funded in part by a cash prize Jorge won on the Morning programme

The hosts of the programme were so overjoyed at the news of the birth, they sent gifts – Southern Comfort for Jorge and “something even bigger and better for lovely Rosa” to help the couple celebrate.

Jorge wasn’t able to go to any of Rosa’s hospital appointments, and she had to show him pictures of their ultrasounds.

“Then, after everything we’ve been through, to have your daughter and no one can visit her in the hospital, you can’t share that joy after everyone has been in that fight with you and gone through everything, it’s really frustrating.”

“Our families felt the loss of [our stillborn daughter] Faith, and now not being able to see Letizia, and rejoice in her, has been very hard.”

But despite so much hardship, Rosa encourages anyone going through infertility to never give up

“Honestly, it was our inability to give up and our faith to believe that, this time, it was going to work that brought us Letizia.”

“I know it can be so disheartening, the cost of IVF in Australia is astronomical.”

“But when I look at my baby now, I couldn’t imagine our lives any differently. She’s filled a part of our hearts that have been yearning for six years since we lost Faith.”

“There is no dollar value, no mental value, that you can put on that love.”

“I just pray that everyone out there struggling gets their happy ending too.”

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