The first ever global virtual fertility expo for patients

Last year, myself and Tracey sat down to discuss all of the things we wanted to achieve in 2020, to help men and women across the globe who want to start a family. When we wrote down “virtual fertility expo for patients”, we had no idea how needed it would be

Back in March, the Coronavirus swept across the planet causing widespread panic. In an attempt to control the pandemic, we were forced into lockdown and plans for parenthood were temporarily put on hold, as fertility clinics closed their doors. It was a dark, scary period for everyone, but for the men and women desperate to start a family, it was even more terrifying, as the future was so unsure.

But now the world is spinning again

Fast forward to July, and although the world still doesn’t have a total grasp on the pandemic, it has started to waken again and fertility treatment has resumed. Our day to day living will never quite be the same though, well, for the foreseeable future anyway, and we will have to learn to live with extra caution (and lots and lots of hand gel).

It seemed a necessity to create a “virtual fertility” space sooner than we had expected, somewhere for anyone TTC to go, from wherever they are in the world to have access to experts 24/7

Men and women still need to be able to talk to fertility experts to help them figure out how to navigate their way to parenthood. And, as tragic as it is, with physical human interaction limited until we know we are safe, we needed an alternative – and so we did it, we launched the first live event at our virtual fertility expo on the weekend! 

Such wonderful support from our experts

We are incredibly overwhelmed by the support we have had from our wonderful sponsors and fertility experts and from you, our amazing TTC community. 

Every hour, consultants and fertility experts gave presentations on all sorts of fascinating topics in the virtual auditorium, then met visitors virtually in the expert Q&A lounge afterwards, whilst clinics and support services were in the event hall, ready to answer any questions or book consultations. 

The expo remains open for you

But remember, just because the first live event is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t still access these experts at the expo. The Babble Fertility Expo remains open to you for the entire year, and you will be able to drop in whenever you want. (Click here if you haven’t already registered) 

You will be able to leave messages, request consultations, join live group meetings, and watch presentations. You can also use the virtual networking lounge too for meeting others TTC.

We have so many exciting things planned for future virtual events too within the expo

We will be having days that focus on certain issues, like endometriosis, PCOS, implantation failure or male factor. On these days, experts will be presenting on these specific topics, then answering questions afterwards.

You will be able to”meet” others with the same diagnosis and share experiences

There is something so comforting about meeting someone who understands what you are going through).

If there are specific events that you would like us to hold within the expo, please do let us know!

It is your platform

A place where you can virtually interact with leading global experts, and we want to make sure you have everything you need.

As we always say, arm yourself with information from trusted experts whilst taking comfort from this incredible TTC community. And remember, we are always here for you.

Huge love

Sara and Tracey x

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