AI fertility product launches in Europe and the UK

Have you heard about the latest artificial intelligence (AI) advancement in fertility treatments? Life Whisperer, a product from the fertility arm of AI healthcare company Presagen, is a new product that aims to identify the healthiest embryos for IVF

It aims to improve the outcome of couples who are desperately trying to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. It was approved for use in the UK and throughout Europe just last week.

Life Whisperer was first released in Australia in late January and was recently released (via a distributor) throughout India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The South Australian company behind this AI tool is now seeking approval to sell its product in the US, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

The product’s three-and-a-half-year journey hasn’t always been a smooth one. Between March and May of 2020, they were forced into taking a hiatus as most of the world’s fertility clinics ceased operations.

Presagen, based in Adelaide, now has 15 staff members in small offices in London and San Francisco. They plan to drive their global expansion from these headquarters and establish more offices within the next year.

Clinics on the continent and in the UK have already started trialling their product

Dr. Michelle Perugini, Presagen CEO, and founder is confident in the company’s strong connections in Europe. She is excited that clinics on the continent and in the UK have already started trialling their product. She hopes to begin selling Life Whisperer commercially very soon. “Regulatory approval in the UK and Europe represents a significant opportunity for Life Whisperer to expand its global presence, and we are very much looking forward to working with clinics and patients across the region, supported by our London Offices.”

Dr. Perugini continued, “It’s a secure web-based application that is completely scalable so we can set up new clinics within minutes anywhere in the world.”

Life Whisperer aims to choose the most viable embryo for pregnancy, shortening the UVF process, and improving outcomes for couples of all ages

The product was recently the subject of an international study recently published in the journal Human Reproduction. In a test that included blind evaluation of 1600 IVF embryos, those chosen by Life Whisperer were shown to perform 25% better than those selected with traditional manual methods of embryo assessment by trained embryologists. This could be a massive development in the field!

Life Whisperer was showcased online on July 7th at the 36th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Presagen is now planning a significant capital raise to drive growth over the next few years. The company hopes to work with IVF clinics around the world in order to offer Life Whisperer to qualified patients at a subsidised rate.

Dr. Perugini is optimistic about the future of her company, and its AI technology. “Life Whisperer is poised to become the global gold standard embryo pre-screening tool in IVF, supporting the clinical decision about which embryo is most viable.”

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