‘Twin’ brothers born 10 years apart!

A 41 year old Chinese woman has given birth to two boys, which is fantastic in itself. But when you consider that they were born a decade apart, it’s even more amazing.

The woman named only as Mrs Wang had an IVF procedure to have one son in 2009, and the resulting spare embryos were then frozen to use in the future.

She’d been trying to conceive for five years prior to this, which as so many of us know, is a heart breaking and stressful time.But she successfully produced a number of viable embryos and one was transferred straight away.

She then went on to celebrate the birth of her son, and adjusted to life as a new mum.

Then, as so many parents do, she thought that it would be lovely to expand her family and give her little boy a younger brother or sister

So she returned to the same fertility clinic to discuss using one of her frozen embryos.

Ten years later, one of those frozen embryos became her second son and even though there’s a ten year age gap, technically, they’re twins!

A doctor from the hospital’s fertility centre, Zheng Jie, said: “From a medical perspective, Lu Lu and Tong Tong are twin brothers”.

We think it’s amazing and wish the happy family all the best!

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