Scheana Shay opens up about how many babies she wants!

Vanderpump Rules star, Scheana Shay has had her fair share of bumps along the way after her divorce from Mike Shay, but now she’s living a different life and talking about bumps of a different nature.

The reality TV star spoke a lot about her desire for children when she was married to Mike, but when it transpired that Mike was abusing prescription drugs again, things took a sorry turn and ended in the couple separating.

But the maternal urge that Scheana had then is still on her mind after coming to terms with the betrayal and reality of divorce

She remained single for a while, as anyone who’s come through a messy spilt will testify, to find her inner peace again.

Then she found love again with Brock Davies, but she kept him under wraps for a full seven months!

Brock, a pro rugby player who has two children with his ex wife, and Scheana went public after their seven month romance and it seems they’re both on the same page when it comes to having kids.

Scheana says she’d like two children with Brock, but has said that twins run in her family, so were they to have twin boys, she’d like to try for a girl later on.

Before the couple met, Scheana had made the decision to freeze her eggs as she was prepared to try to have a baby via IVF

She was completely prepared to use donor sperm were she not to find a partner. Like so many, her procedures have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, but for her third egg retrieval process that she’s waiting for, she’d like Brock to be there with her.

We wish them the best of luck!


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