Grandmother lovingly gives birth to her own grandchildren

When we think about grandmothers, in the past, we could be forgiven for thinking about older ladies, who perhaps like to knit and make jam. Nowadays, grandmothers can be cool, trendy, and what’s more, young

But for one grandmother, her acts of selflessness for her daughter has gone one huge step further – she gave birth to her own grandchildren.

Michaela Gump-Johnson has told the tale of seeing her unborn twins on the ultrasound screen and welling up with emotion, as any mother would. The only difference was, the scan wasn’t of her abdomen, it was of her mother’s.

At 23 years old, Michaela was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was faced with the reality of not being able to provide her three year old son with a brother or sister

Her doctors told her that the cancer treatment she needed would damage her fertility.

So Michaela decided, after much deliberation, that she would freeze her eggs. She knew she would need a surrogate to carry any future baby, and worried over who this might be.

It was then that her mother stepped in, and said she would be Micaela’s surrogate when she needed it

After Michaela’s treatment, she celebrated two things – being told she was cancer free, and the positive pregnancy test of her mother, 42 year old Sheila, after having fertility treatment with Michaela’s frozen eggs.

Then, another surprise, Sheila was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl!

The mother-daughter duo make no bones about it though – they’ve both found it hard, especially as friends have expressed concern. Michaela says she worried she would struggle to bond with the babies after not carrying them, and Sheila worried that she wouldn’t be able to fight her maternal feelings to the babies, saying that her head knew they weren’t her babies, but her body may think differently.

But all those fears were allayed after the birth of the twins and everyone is adapting to their new roles perfectly.

What an amazing story!

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