Celebrating Pride with IVFbabble’s new collaboration with the Two Dads U.K.

June is a very special month –  it is Pride month. The month when the LGBTQ+ community celebrates in a number of incredible different ways across the globe, to recognise the impact they have had in the world and to raise political awareness of current issues facing the community

During this incredible celebration, we have been reflecting on how far we have come, in our ever-growing support for everyone wanting to start a family.

We started with the mission of creating something we wished we’d had. We wanted to build something that would guide, educate, and help people trying to conceive make better more informed decisions. We wanted to bring together a community of people who could all support each other. We wanted to share our personal experiences and hindsight and ensure nobody ever felt like they were having to go through fertility treatment alone.

In 2016, IVFbabble.com was born. 300 million views later and we are still passionate about everything we do for the women and men struggling to conceive because we have been there.

But fertility treatment isn’t just for heterosexual couples struggling with infertility

It is a path to parenthood for all those in same-sex relationships, single men and women, and whilst we do have a space on IVFbabble.com for the LGBTQ community, we knew we needed to do more to support those who need to use assisted reproductive technology to create their family.

This is why we are enhancing and evolving the work we already do for the LGBTQ community, and this is why we are about to launch an exciting new collaboration with two very special friends – Michael and Wes, the founders of TwoDads.UK, and fathers through surrogacy.

Their first-hand experience of surrogacy combined with their passion to support others is simply invaluable. (They are also really lovely!!)

TwoDads.UK has been at the forefront of campaigning for change for Surrogacy laws in the UK and for equality, in terms of NHS policy when it comes to birthing preparations for Surrogates and Intended Parents.  Over the last 3 years, they have helped and guided hundreds of Intended Parents to achieve their dreams of creating a family, who otherwise may have given up hope. 

Whether it’s via their blog ( ) or their social channels (@TwoDads.U.K) they have led the way for LGBTQ parenting in the UK by being positive role models. They also founded The Modern Family Show which launches on the 19th of September, the only UK LGBTQ family building show taking place in London.

The new collaboration between IVF babble and TwoDads.UK really is the beginning of an exciting chapter.

Introducing IVFbabbleLGBT.com

This exciting new platform is dedicated purely to the LGBTQ community. IVFbabble and the Two Dads UK will be working together to create fresh ideas, new themes and relevant information on not only Surrogacy and IVF topics, but family building for the LGBTQ community, with some incredible writers, bloggers, and the odd familiar face too. 

Michael Johnson-Ellis co-founder of TwoDads.U.K adds ‘Myself and Wes really hit it off with Sara and Tracey from the moment we met, we knew we’d be on a journey doing something pretty special and exciting in terms of equality and education, our passion to support and help people is so in-sync’ 

So join us in celebrating the new alliance, as IVF Babble LGBT and TwoDads UK look to create something unique and a first for the LGBTQ TTC community.

To hear more about IVFbabbleLGBT.com, why not listen to the Cope Talks here. We were joined by an amazing panel of fertility experts and of course, the brilliant Mike and Wes, discussing the LGBTQ path to parenthood

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