One of Britain’s first gay fathers awaits the birth of a new baby with his boyfriend

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow truly seems like he lives his life in a reality TV show – could one be in the works?

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 50, was one of Britain’s first gay fathers when he and his ex-partner Tony Barlow fathered twins via a surrogate in 1999. He recently revealed that he has also fathered a staggering 17 children as an ‘international sperm donor.’

He is now awaiting a new baby with his toyboy boyfriend, Scott Hutchinson, 25, who used to date Barrie’s daughter Saffron before falling for her dad!

Barrie had 2 children as a teen before he came out, then, he and Tony fathered two sets of twins and 1 more child, and he donated sperm to successfully conceive 8 additional children, bringing the total to 15.

Now, he and Scott are awaiting their own child, and he has also successfully donated sperm to a British lesbian couple. Will 17 be a charm?

The millionaire is no stranger to the spotlight, rising to fame (or should we say infamy) in 1999 when he and Tony welcomed twins Saffron and Aspen.

As a teenager, Barrie impregnated two different women at the same time, and both chose to keep the babies. ‘I am the biological dad now actually to 17 children which include my own children and the children I provided sperm for,’ he says.

‘When I was a teenager I got two women pregnant at the same time – before I realised I was gay. Goodness knows how I didn’t know it myself as I was as camp as Christmas!’

Barrie and Tony separated in 2019, and now Barrie lives in Florida with Scott, who is exactly half his age

This is Scott’s first time as a dad, and he is excited about this new journey.

They did face some health concerns with their surrogate during this global pandemic, as their surrogate suspected that she had COVID-19

Initially she was carrying triplets for the couple, but tragically she lost two and is now only carrying one.

Barrie says, ‘I can’t pretend we weren’t devastated, when we discovered our triplets are now one baby, but when there are people all over the world whose IVF has been postponed or cancer or other treatment, we still feel we are very lucky to have a child on the way.’

They are excited to welcome their new daughter on or around her due date of October 20, and will be applying for another surrogate for a sibling to join her as soon as possible

Barrie’s ex Tony still lives with the couple in their Florida mansion, recovering from health complications due to cancer treatments. He is still dealing with the aftermath of reconstructive jaw surgery. Barrie likens their upcoming situation to ‘Three Men and a Baby.’

We wish Barrie, Scott and their whole brood all of the best!

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