Labor of Love debuts in the USA, a reality show about sperm donors!

While Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ and ‘Too Hot to Handle’ have been titillating lockdown audiences around the world, FOX isn’t content to sit back and be outdone. Labor Of Love, which debuted last week to American audiences, follows Kristy Katzmann as she chooses between 15 different men. However, instead of a typical ‘Bachelor’ type scenario, they are competing to start a family with Kristy either as a boyfriend or just as a sperm donor.

Kristy, who is 41, is worried about her declining fertility. As she spent her 30s traveling the world and working on her career, she always thought that having a baby would just work out. She was married at 37, but her marriage broke down and ended in divorce after just 6 months. Famously, or rather infamously, she was previously a contestant on the Bachelor, and Labor of Love has got to be the strangest spin on the format that we’ve seen.

She told the Los Angeles Times, “I thought the baby piece would fall into place — I’d meet the right person, we’d start a family. I think a lot of women are in the same position as me. So, what maybe seems outlandish at the start is actually a really relatable story. And there is so much heart and soul in the show.”

The show is hosted by Kristin Davis

Kristin played Charlotte in Sex and the City, a character that had her own fertility woes. After Kristy visits a fertility specialist and declares that she is willing to have a child on her own, Kristin Davis introduces her to 15 men who are also ready to start a family of their own.

The male contestants run the gamut in terms of careers and interests, but all are certifiably hunky. They include a 44-year-old former professional wrestler, a 39-year old firefighter, a 44-year-old self-proclaimed “conservative man with morals,” and a41-year-old funeral director who is “100% afraid of dying alone.”

The group gets down to brass tacks pretty quickly. Immediately after an intro cocktail party, they all head to a mobile collection centre to give sperm samples. Everyone is assured that they are ‘up for the task,’ so to speak. As Matt the wrestler punned, “I did not see this coming, no pun intended.”

One of the most surreal TV shows ever

Everyone exclaimed their congratulations to the ‘winner’ who had the highest sperm count out of the group – and it just got more surreal from there! The show previewed some of their future episodes, including how the men react to a (fake) bear while camping, how they deal with looking after babies, and hooking them up to labour simulation machines.

While Kristy will eventually choose a guy, she might choose just to use his sperm rather than committing to a relationship with him and raising a family together. After all, the show’s tagline is “love is optional, labour is mandatory.”

What do you think about this reality TV offering – have they finally gone too far, or does this sound like perfect summer viewing?



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