Denmark becomes the first European country to resume fertility treatments

The team here at IVFBabble is delighted to be conducting an exclusive Q&A with Dr Svend Lindenberg, a leading Danish fertility doctor  with Vickie Budden interviewing for IVFbabble.

Denmark is the first European country to have reopened their fertility clinics, opening yesterday after more than 6 weeks of closure. This decision will certainly bring hope to couples in Denmark who are dealing with infertility, but it comes with it a whole host of new concerns and questions. We are excited to be able to speak with Dr Lindenberg about the complexities of resuming IVF, IUI and other fertility treatments.

The clinic has reopened for domestic patients only, regrettably halting all treatments for foreign patients

However, they will be be holding medical appointments with new patients from abroad by Skype or phone, so that the treatments can begin as soon as the borders reopen.

They are implementing all recommendations of the Danish National Board of Health in order to ensure the safety of staff and patients

These recommendations include:

  • Any patients who have been at risk or have symptoms of Covid-19 infection will need to contact the clinic to postpone their treatments
  • No waiting is permitted in the waiting room, so please arrive right on time
  • Keep at least 2 metres of distance between all patients
  • Consultations will take place over Skype, Facetime, or on the phone whenever possible
  • All staff will stay home if they have signs of illness or have been in close contact with infected persons
  • The team is large enough so that there will always be staff in reserve in case of illness
  • Extra cleaning processes are in place, particularly on door handles and surfaces where infection could be transmitted
  • Our cleaning procedures follow all NIR (National Infectious Diseases Guidelines) and has been audited by DDKM and the Danish Agency for Patient Safety

Vickie Budden is a leading fertility acupuncturist, founder of the Scandinavian fertility show Fertilitets-messen and is part of our IVFbabble team for treatment in Scandinavia. Vickie be talking on fertility related topics over the coming weeks. For more info click here  

Join Dr Svend Lindeberg today (Friday 24th)  at 4pm (UK) and 11 am (EST) on IVF Babble Instagram grid for a live Q&A session, ask your questions in the comments and he will reply, see you there.

Here is the full video on what is a fascinating and enlightening conversation with Dr Svend Lindenberg.

Please note that Dr Lindenberg suffers from asthma and hayfever and the positioning of the vase of flowers caused his cough in this video . . . it is absolutely nothing to do with Coronavirus!

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