Staying calm and grounded during a period of fear

We think it’s safe to say that each of us has probably felt some fear in the past few weeks or months. How could we not?! It’s our adaptive response to a potential threat or danger

As humans, we like to predict and control things (to avoid future loss), so this virus has thrown us for a loop because it’s not behaving as we expected it to (i.e., like it’s predecessor). Then throw in the “community anxiety” that our bodies are picking up when we’re out among others who are feeling frantic and you have even higher levels of adrenaline and cortisol coursing through your system.

 I’m (Deborah) someone who is generally a pretty calm and grounded person so it has taken me for a bit of a surprise that I have had moments of feeling pressure on my chest – something largely unbeknownst to me before this. When it happens I am so grateful for my psychology and yoga training:

I pause, take slow deep breaths into my belly and remind my mind-body system that I am safe

In yoga philosophy we learn about the chakras – energy centers in the body, each with their own lesson, color, element, sound, and associated areas in the body. What is happening in the world reminds me of the lesson of the First Chakra, or Root Chakra it’s often called.

The Root Chakra teaches us the lesson of “my right to be here and to have,” safety, trust and abundance. It governs the immune system.

It’s demon (or block) is fear. The more you stay in fear – the more you dampen your immune system (and are therefore more susceptible to this, or any other, virus or bacteria, etc)

Fear may show itself in physical symptoms (e.g., heart racing, chest pressure, trouble sleeping, etc.), worried thoughts (“How long will this last?”) and/or behaviors (such as the desire to hoard toilet paper or other supplies). Just like the virus, we have a deep desire to stay alive and pass on our genetic heritage.

This situation is also bringing up a lot of grief – anger and sadness over the many “losses” we are all now experiencing, even if temporarily: not being able to go to the gym or hang out with family and friends, or even something “small” such as not getting to eat your favourite food, etc. For those of you who have had to put your fertility journey on hold, of course, this is another loss that needs mourning.

Our psychology and yoga training has taught us that “every person, situation or event” is a learning opportunity, with its own challenges and gifts. So while our DNA may not evolve as quickly as that of a virus or bacteria, we have the advantage of having a “mind” that can be open, flexible, playful, and creative.

We can make a choice to see this world event as a chance to pause and be adaptive

So let’s come back to our Root Chakra and the concept that a tree is only as strong as its roots. What can you do every day to help yourself feel more calm and grounded?

We invite you to see each moment of fear as an opportunity to practice being intentional and bringing yourself back to a place of trust, safety and abundance. 

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