Introducing Venus

If you don’t already know her yet, please can we introduce you to an incredible woman, with an incredible name…Venus Libido, an illustrator, presenter and mental health advocate

She is also a woman who understands the chronic pain of endometriosis, and has been sharing her experiences with her 123K Instagram followers, in order to help others, who are struggling, with what can be a totally debilitating condition.

This inspiring woman is starting conversations and speaking out, about all the kind of things that are usually only talked about in whispers.

Venus communicates with people in a way that makes them stop and listen. As well as speaking out, she is also hugely creative and ridiculously talented and expresses her experiences through her bold and beautiful artwork. (You must head to her website to have a look through some of her work

For too long, people have suffered in silence, not realizing that the pain they are experiencing is a result of endometriosis, but with women like Venus speaking about her experiences and the actions she has taken, hopefully more people will seek the support they deserve. No one should have to endure pain.

We are just thrilled that Venus will be taking over our insta next week. She will be talking to you all about life with endometriosis, offering you support and guidance (from a patient perspective

For medical guidance you will need to speak to your GP) and will be answering any questions you might have.

She will also be talking about some of the struggles she has had with self-doubt and mental health issues, and the way she has learnt to take back control.

This is something we personally fought with whilst we were trying to conceive. It is very easy to let self doubt creep in when your body keeps failing you. The dark clouds become darker and thicker and you find yourself in a very lonely and scary place.  By listening to other people’s experiences though, and seeing that you are not alone, the clouds will begin to part slowly and eventually the sun will shine through.

We are so happy we found Venus and we can’t wait for you to meet her too

So, until our Insta takeover begins next week we thought we would drop her a few questions and ask her a bit about life with endometriosis.


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