One man’s story and passion to run a marathon to raise awareness and funds for others TTC

This wonderful community of IVF warriors never ceases to amaze us. So many of you, following your own IVF journeys have gone on to help others, like the amazing Murray, who, following his own IVF journey, is doing something to support others struggling with infertility.

Murray will be running the London Marathon in April and wanted to use this opportunity to raise money for our charity Babble Giving, whilst raising awareness of fertility issues.

Let us hand you over to Murray …

Infertility – this is a subject that has affected my wife and I, and knowing first hand the difficulties, misunderstandings, heartache and mental struggles that goes with it, I feel it is important to try to do anything I can.

My wife and I discussed children very early on in our relationship

 We both very much wanted a family and started trying after only eighteen months together. We decided buying a house and getting married could wait. Our bodies had other ideas though. After eighteen months of trying we went to our GP in February 2017 and started on a long road of tests, hospital appointments and negative pregnancy tests

My wife was told she wasn’t ovulating efficiently and so the first fertility treatment option offered to us was using Clomid. We tried 6 rounds, but sadly to no avail.

We were then referred to Salisbury Fertility Centre for IUI treatment to continue to IVF if that was unsuccessful . It was there, following tests, that they said I also had an issue and we would only be considered for another form of IVF called ICSI. We were shattered.

We got married in November 2018 (giving IVF babble pineapple pins as gifts to guests) and ten days later started our first round of ICSI

Unfortunately it was unsuccessful and we both needed some time to process that before deciding what to do next. Luckily we had two frozen embryos, so when we felt ready again in April 2019 we had a frozen embryo transfer.

In May we saw our first ever positive pregnancy test!

We were in utter disbelief. It was such an anxious time waiting to hit all the pregnancy milestones and wondering if this was too good to be true. But, in January 2020 our beautiful daughter Dottie was born!! It has been one very long journey, but she is totally worth it and we so understand we are incredibly fortunate to be in the position we are.

Another amazing thing to come out of this journey is meeting and talking to others who are experiencing similar issues

The TTC community is amazing . . . full of kind, caring, considerate people and we have made friends who will remain part of our lives forever.

My passion to raise awareness

I have now created an Instagram account (leggmurray) so that anyone can follow my Marathon journey over the next few months, I expect there will also be photos of our beautiful Dottie from time to time, but please do get in touch with me if you have any questions. I would love you to promote my Just Giving page too.

Your support would help me to raise much needed funds for IVF grants that Babble Giving will be offering to give others the chance of IVF and the hope of parenthood”.

Thank you so much to Murray who we are just so grateful to for sharing his story and raising funds for Babble Giving!

If you would like to raise funds for our charity, do drop us a line to

Alternatively, if you want to help raise awareness, head to the shop and purchase a pineapple pin! 

Another incredible supporter …


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