Men matter too, a campaign to raise awareness and support for male fertility

In the past, men have been left out of the conversation around fertility

Infertility has been widely regarded as a ‘women’s issue.’ Women’s bodies are the site of invasive tests and investigations, and they undergo the lion’s share of the procedures and treatment for IVF and IUI.

As a result, men have been largely absent from this issue, despite the fact that research shows that they are the culprit in nearly half of all cases.

In fact, scientists are baffled by the fact that sperm counts amongst men in the Western world have halved over the past 40 years. The cause for this decrease is not fully understood, but more and more men are now dealing with low sperm counts and poor sperm health.

Men often report feeling invisible and left out of the fertility journey

After they submit their sample, the focus shifts to their partner. This can further exacerbate feelings of anxiety, depression, and hopelessness, which are common in both men and women who are struggling to conceive.

This is why we feel so strongly about getting men involved in the infertility conversation. Our new campaign aims to give the male side of infertility as much exposure as possible. Over the next six weeks, we will be looking at different male fertility conditions and their effects on mental health.

There are many conditions that can affect a man’s fertility, and we will investigate these over the coming weeks with #menmattertoo

Sadly, when it comes to mental health, men often keep their feelings hidden in order to support his wife or partner. In an age when self-care is at the forefront, we need to tell the story of how men feel about the situation.

By starting this conversation, we hope to shed light on men’s mental health, struggles with infertility, and overall wellbeing.


What would you like us to include in the #menmattertoo campaign? We would love to hear from you at or on social @ivfbabble

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