Helping my fellow TTC warriors by Christina Oberon

Please meet an amazing woman – Christina Oberon. This brave TTC warrior has battled through the most epic fertility journey and is now helping so many other women with her new book, Hope strong.

Let us pass you over to Christina so that she can tell you more

I come from a family of eleven children and I am lucky number seven! I became an aunt at the age of eight and was actively involved in babysitting, diaper-changing, and caring for babies long before I even reached middle school. I also have over 20 nieces and nephews. I have always been surrounded by pregnant women, children and babies.

With all that energy around me, it was only expected that I would be a fertile myrtle, right? Wrong!

If someone had told me on my wedding day in 2014 that my personal journey to becoming a mother would look like the following, I would not have believed them:

Two and a half years of trying naturally, three sobadora visits, one HSG, 12 months of acupuncture with diet and herbs, a misdiagnosis of a t-shaped uterus, three IUIs with clomid, one identified adenomyosis, two IVF stim cycles, two egg retrievals, one uterine polyps removal, one IVF transfer, one IVIG to treat subchorionic hematoma, two reproductive endocrinologists, being told I should accept possibly never having children “with my uterus”, nearly four years total, over $45k, birth trauma, preeclampsia, tons of tears and hundreds of prayers – to finally look into my son’s eyes for the first time.

And when I looked at his big beautiful round eyes, it was all worth it

Since Kai was born, I’ve constantly been told that he has soulful eyes. When I look into his eyes, I believe it was meant to be him all along – waiting for me to find the meaning and purpose in my journey, before choosing me as his mother.

My husband and I embarked on an infertility journey neither of us expected or chose. Between all the medical aspects listed above were the unspoken, private moments of the heart, alone, in tears, breaking down, giving up, flooded with fear and disappointment, doubting my body and feeling like a failure. Halfway through our nearly four year battle, I was faced with the choice of allowing the experience to make me become bitter or better. The pain and guilt were unbearable and the thought of other women carrying that same weight further crushed me. I wanted to make a difference in encouraging and empowering other women in their journey to motherhood, but had no idea how that would look. I was raised to lean on my faith and try to find triumph through trials so I started writing about the range of emotions I was going through and the hope I wanted to envision, despite feeling such grief over my current predicament. In a large way,

I was writing what I needed to read to find healing throughout my journey

As the months continued, the more passionate I became about offering my support to the TTC community and the desire to bring out beauty and grace from dark places. I continued to document my experiences and thoughts and did not know where this would lead, but in August 2019, Hope Strong came to life.

My book acknowledges what I feel is one of the most profound issue while dealing with infertility

The rollercoaster of emotions, providing a perspective of hope that can often be so difficult to see in the midst of such anguish.

There are many approaches one can choose while facing infertility but my intention is to provide a hopeful outlook to my fellow TTC warriors.

Support is so crucial while facing infertility and words hold more power than we realise

Our thoughts, spoken words and what we allow into our spirits through reading can play a role in finding peace and reassurance during struggles and it is my every wish that my book offers that for my readers. I am so thankful for the strength and healing I received along the way and remain grateful to be in a position to offer the same to others.

We are all in this together and there will be times when someone has been drained of all hope…but I want them to know that they can always borrow mine.

Huge love, Christina! xo


If you would like to purchase Christina’s book, click here. You can also follow Christina via Instagram @hopestrongbook.

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