Fertility treatment brings joy to widow

New mum Alexis Bailey is overjoyed by her new born son Antonio Bailey Jr, as any mother would be, but Antonio was born under very special circumstances

Alexis and her husband Antonio had been experiencing fertility issues and decided to go down the IVF route.

Sadly, their first cycle failed, and Alexis almost lost all hope of ever being a mother

It had cost thousands of dollars, and the couple were left wondering if it was just all money down the drain, however Antonio told Alexis that they should try again. And so the next cycle was booked for the beginning of May 2019.

But then tragically, on 24th April 2019, Antonio lost his life but amidst the grief, Alexis’s doctors told her she could still go ahead with the procedure

And went through it she did, with her army of supporting friends and family.

The procedure this time was a success and Antonio Jr was born on 21st January 2020. Alexis’s most treasured onesie is one that reads “Mommy, I met daddy in heaven long before my grand entrance into this world. He told me to tell you to stay strong and that you’re doing an amazing job”.

Alexis says that her son is “determined, sweet and loving”

Yet her procedure was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to navigate with Antonio Jr being created from a frozen embryo the couple had produced during a previous cycle.

IVF Coordinator at Servy Fertility Institute, Liz Muns said that there’s around a 60% chance of success with frozen embryo transfers.

Alexis plans to keep her late husband’s memory alive by organising the Antonio Bailey Scholarship Awards

$500 scholarships will be awarded to two pupils from the couple’s American town, who have proven their academic achievement, good character and extra-curricular involvement.

She also plans a children’s book based on her journey and a non-profit organisation called The Bailey Way Inc that will support young people with at least one deceased parent.

What an amazing woman

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