Abby Elliott opens up about IVF and her fertility struggles with Kelly Clarkson

Talking on the Kelly Clarkson Show, actor Abby Elliott has talked openly about her desire to have a family with her husband Billy Kennedy

The couple, who have been married for three years, have been trying for a baby, and Abby revealed on the show that they’re currently undergoing IVF to try to conceive their first child.

32 year old Abby described the punishing regime as “hardcore”, which as many of us here know, is very true of the drugs, injections, hormone surges and emotions that come as part and parcel of IVF.

She said, “It’s hardcore. So this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be getting shots in my butt by my husband. Very romantic”.

But she feels that as a society, we don’t talk about fertility struggles and treatments enough

“The hormones are very intense, and so many people go through this and we don’t talk about it enough, I think, as women. We need to raise more understanding and awareness”.

Abby has always had a parental instinct, ever since being the big sister in a family of two girls. When she first moved to LA in search of furthering her career, she was a nanny. Funnily enough, two of the children in her care were the young sons of actor Steven Weber, who she later went on to star alongside in Indebted. Steven played her father in law on the show, so Abby feels it’s all “come full circle”.

But her journey to motherhood is ongoing

Host Kelly Clarkson was only too pleased to have Abby talk so openly about her fertility struggles and IVF treatment on the show.

Kelly said, “I have friends who went through IVF and had some serious depression, and felt shame and what’s wrong with me?”

Abby told Kelly she thought it’s a “miracle what doctors can do”

Mother of two Kelly agreed, saying, “Some people try everything under the sun and sometimes it just doesn’t happen and you need science to help move it along”.



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