Understanding a second language by Sheila Lamb

You’re on social media, doing a little bit of reading up about fertility treatments and you come across a post like this: “I’m 6DP5DT and finding the TWW really tough. I’m SW but not feeling anything yet”.

Lost? Hardly surprising!

Let me translate this into everyday language . . . “I’m 6 days post a 5-day (embryo) transfer and finding the two-week wait (the time between the transfer and the official pregnancy test date) really tough. I’m symptom (signs that you’re pregnant) watching but not feeling anything yet”. Easy when you know how! But with over 200 acronyms and abbreviations being used, you can’t possibly remember all of them.

Whether you’re new to the world of infertility, or you’ve unfortunately been around for a while, there is always a new slang word or piece of jargon to understand, whether it be on Instagram, a forum, website or in a book.

If you’re reading a post full of jargon and acronyms, it does tend to put you off reading further, which is a shame, because the post could be very supportive and informative.

But when you have been dealing with infertility for some time, it becomes second nature and is often easier, and certainly quicker, to use an abbreviation when you can.

It’s very common in the medical world that medical terms concerned with illnesses and diseases are often abbreviated – for one thing, some of the terms are tricky to spell correctly (unless you know Latin), and some of them are very long, so it makes sense to have a uniform abbreviation that is understood the world over. Fertility jargon is pretty unique as it was started by women who trod the path of infertility and fertility treatments years ago, and it has grown and grown since then.

I was trying to conceive (that’s TTC) for over six years, and was diagnosed with unexplained infertility (UI). I went through one intrauterine insemination (IUI) and one ICSI/PGS, (intracytoplasmic sperm injection/pre-implantation screening), which were both a BFN (Big Fat Negative pregnancy test). By the time I was 45 years old and still not pregnant, our next cycle was DEICSI (donor egg) and we got our first BFP (Big Fat Positive pregnancy test), we were pregnant… briefly. I had a miscarriage ten days later. It was after the next DEICSI cycle with a BFP, that, nine months later, we welcomed our rainbow daughter (a baby born after a miscarriage or loss), into the world.

When my daughter was a few years old I still remembered the struggle – from learning about, and understanding, all the tests and investigations and what the results meant, to the roller coaster of emotions felt on a daily, no hourly, basis. I wanted to help others on the same path, try and make their journey a little less stressful, and realised that there was no one place that listed all this need- to-know jargon and abbreviations. Many websites make an attempt but they usually only list the more common ones, leaving you very fed up and having to hunt around Google for further explanations.

So, I put together a free ebook,  The Best Fertility Jargon Buster; the most concise A-Z list of fertility abbreviations and acronyms you will ever need.

It can be downloaded from here and with this handy reference by your side, you’ll be able to tap into the full power of the community and get the support you deserve!

The Best Fertility Jargon Buster lists the abbreviations and acronyms explaining what they stand for e.g. LH – luteinising hormone or KFC – knicker frequent watcher. I wanted to help more than this so I wrote and published my second book, My Fertility Book: all the fertility and infertility explanations you will ever need, from A-Z, which explains in full, jargon free language, each medical and non- medical term – helping you avoid getting caught in the rabbit warren of Google.

Then something dawned on me….

Although the medical side of infertility has advanced hugely over the years, our emotions, feelings and experiences haven’t changed at all; the frustration, sadness and grief, is the same. But what has changed is that people affected by infertility are starting to talk openly about their struggles to have a baby. This is fantastic because it’s starting to break down the taboo around infertility, which is very much needed.

And this is why I started to write my seven book This is series – all the books are contributions from strong, determined women and men from the TTC community, their emotional and personal experiences. I want the books to help at 2am in the morning when all you can think about is ‘When will it be my turn?’ but, also, the books can be given to family and friends who could, let’s say, support you better, if they only understood what you are dealing with.

The first two This is Trying To Conceive and This is the Two Week Wait are available now on Amazon and here too .

To download Sheila’s free ebook The Best Fertility Jargon Buster click hereMy Fertility Book is also available on Amazon here


You can connect with me on Instagram @fertilitybooks Facebook SheilaLambAuthor and Twitter @myfertilityspec

Sending you all huge love, Sheila x

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