Ola Jordan and her three year battle with fertility

For stigmas and taboos to be broken around infertility, it is so important that we keep talking and sharing our experiences. So when Ola and James Jordan appeared on ITVs Loose Women this week to talk about their journey, we applauded them and gave them a huge virtual hug!

The couple have been together for 20 years and both appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, which forced them into the limelight. They’re expecting their first child in March, a baby girl, but things haven’t been easy getting to this point.

On Loose Women, Ola spoke out about their three year battle to fall pregnant, and how their IVF journey has made them stronger than ever.

They’d kept their fertility struggles a secret, even from close family members, with James admitting, “My parents didn’t even know it took us three years, it made them teary. You don’t want to worry them”.

As many of us fully understand, the constant questions from well-meaning friends and relatives about when they were going to start a family really did take its toll

Ola told the presenters of Loose Women that they “used to laugh it off, but after a while you think, how much can you practice?”

“People guessed that there was an issue… it was our fault because we kept saying that we wanted to have babies, so people kept asking.” We’re certain there are many, many couples living the same heart breaking reality and having to put a brave face on.

After turning to fertility treatment, the couple were delighted to become pregnant after the first cycle. When the couple announced the pregnancy last September, Ola said, “I would love to be a mum with all my heart and I just thought it would happen naturally. I guess I just thought like most women that I could choose when the time was right for me.”

But the Loose Women team couldn’t let “famously outspoken” James go without putting him through his paces and hooking him up to a labour simulator. James truly did experience what his wife is due to go through in a couple of months, and “howled in agony” as the pain set in. He eventually took the device off when it was turned up to four out of five.

We wish them both all the best in welcoming their daughter into the world!

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