Love Island’s Amy Hart is 27 and freezing her eggs. Here’s why…

Amy Hart made her fame by appearing on Love Island, but despite the glitz and glamour of this former air hostess’s lifestyle, she lives under the cloud of potential future fertility struggles

After her mum, nan and aunt all went through the menopause in their early 40s, Amy appeared on ITV’s Loose Women to talk about the results of her recent ‘fertility MOT’. Her own mum had all of her children before the age of 25 and since Amy is now 27, any future family she might consider in the future is now on her mind.

She admitted that she always thought, “I can do whatever I want. My 20s are for me and my 30s are for having kids.”

But Amy has come to the realisation that it’s not always that simple, saying, “But then you realise, that’s not actually my decision, it’s my body’s decision”

She also added that she’s “not going to live her life by some man I meet” so her fertility is most definitely on her mind, and wants to feel empowered enough to give herself some breathing space by looking at freezing her eggs,

On UK TV’s Loose Women, Amy opened up about her fertility MOT results that seem to confirm her fears

The tests showed that although Amy’s eggs are currently healthy, how long she would remain fertile for looked less promising. These results showed that her chances of remaining fertile were low for a woman of her age, indicating that she could face problems conceiving if she left things a while.

But she remains realistic, knowing that the fertility tests she’s had are only used as an indication, and as with egg freezing, there are no guarantees.

With her family history in mind, she now thinks it’s the “right time” to be looking at egg freezing and hopes to go through the procedure this March

Amy also said that when the time comes and she’s ready to become a mum, she would also consider using a sperm donor if she was single at the time. Admitting it was a lengthy and difficult process, Amy remains positive and empowered.


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