Helping to break the silence over infertility in Africa

Anyone touched by fertility problems will know that infertility is an emotive topic. It can make us feel sad, depressed, frustrated, lonely and misunderstood. But if infertility is hushed up in society, it can add shame and secrecy to an already stressful time.

That’s why we’ve teaming up with The Fertility Show Africa to help raise awareness of fertility issues in Africa.

By sponsoring the support section of this amazing new event, we hope to go some way in helping to break the silence of the fertility struggles one in every six African couples experience.

It’s thought that in Southern Africa alone, eight million people are currently facing the reality of infertility, so it’s time discussions around  fertility struggles were out in the open!

The Fertility Show Africa will, for the first time, provide a dedicated and safe space for anyone struggling to conceive and on their journey to parenthood. The show will provide an opportunity for individuals and couples to talk to experts and learn more about their options in a calm and supportive environment.

There will be a varied range of experts at the show

Offering support and advice on all aspects of fertility including IVF and other fertility treatments, optimising fertility, adoption, egg and sperm donation and the role of alternative therapies to support fertility treatments. There will also be experts that can help LGBTQ+ individuals and couples and legal specialists who can provide advice on the legal and ethical side of things such as egg and sperm donation and adoption.

Not only that, top class fertility clinics, agencies, charities, reflexologists, yoga practitioners, massage therapists and experts in diet and lifestyle advice will be available to talk to.

CEO of the Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa, Saskia Williams, couldn’t be happier that the event is going ahead

She says, “It is so wonderful the event is going ahead for the one in six couples going through infertility in Southern Africa. The knowledge that the public will gain will be priceless. We have world class clinics who deserve to have the platform to educate and inform the general population about their options when it comes to infertility”.

As well as the amazing array of exhibitors, the show will feature numerous talks

These will be from experts on topics including fertility treatments, egg freezing, egg and sperm donation, adoption, surrogacy, baby loss support, infertility in African culture and the steps individuals and couples can take to maximise their fertility.

Heidi Warricker, the organiser and CEO of the show says that “it will host fertility patients in a discreet environment where they will be with a likeminded community to share their journey and obtain support while discovering and exploring the myriad options available to them. We feel honoured to have the backing of the fertility industry to create such an important event of quality with all the best minds in the industry under one roof”.

There will be a live Q&A session on the intimate support zone, where anyone on their parenting journey can engage with the expert panel and have their questions answered. Each Q&A session begins with a 15 minute relaxation therapy to put everyone at ease during what is a difficult time.

The event is also supported by the South African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASREG)

SASREG President, Dr Sulaiman Helylen, says they’re supporting the event because it, “supports events that empower women and men with information on infertility and fertility treatment.

SASREG will provide leading experts in the field of reproductive medicine to help visitors become informed and educated to support and guide them on their journey to parenthood”.

The Fertility Show Africa takes place on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th March 2020 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng

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