Female Fertility – Hypnofertility Album

Aluna Moon is the sixth most played meditation artist in the top grossing USA app, Insight Timer, aimed to help women heal spiritually and holistically.

We are Nicola and Sam and feel passionate about women living a joyful existence and birthing their soul purpose. We are experts in women’s health with over 4 million plays of our women’s relaxation audios on the App Store, Insight Timer, Audible and Storytel.

As hypnosis and meditation experts in the field of fertility, childbirth and women’s health, we have extensive experience with women struggling to have a baby in the therapy room and within our bestselling Female Fertility audio program: both of which helps to release fertility fears and connect the mind, body and spirit in a deep and powerful way.

Being women ourselves we can relate to a lot of the pressures being placed upon women today and the consequences of that. Millions of women, especially in the western world, feel desperate, frustrated, bewildered, overwhelmed and stressed about their infertility. Our aim is to offer a transformational healing journey for all women by looking at the deeper mental, emotional and spiritual causes of infertility. So many women leave themselves at the bottom of the pile but we want to show you that it’s possible and necessary to take time out for yourselves. With this in mind we’ve designed our range of fertility hypnotherapy recordings so that they fit in with every woman.

Even if you only have ten minutes to spare, we have a recording that can help you. You can find our free fertility talk and womb healing meditation on Babble Prime as well as the opportunity to further your meditation journey with our Female Fertility album.

Female Fertility is a powerful hypnofertility album which aims to tap in to your subconscious, reducing any unconscious stress or anxiety and releasing negative thought patterns about conceiving.

The programme consists of an NLP coaching and advice-based session which includes invaluable tips on how to bring your body into harmony and help you conceive naturally and easily; a 30-minute meditation track, ‘Boost Your Fertility’, which is to be used during the day and includes powerful suggestions to help give your mind and body the best chance possible when conceiving your baby; and our wonderful and truly cutting-edge recording, ‘Conceive with Ease’ (bedtime), which works on a deeply powerful subconscious level using highly effective visualisations to help you easily and successfully get pregnant, either naturally or with medical assistance.

Our hypnosis for IVF has been specifically designed to aid you before, during or after treatment to bring about a sense of calm and relaxation. The meditations are also deeply restful and include beautiful posthypnotic suggestions, allowing you to drift easily off in a deep and peaceful sleep.

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