We’re excited to announce a new book! IVF: All You Need to Know – out now!

If you’re either considering IVF, or you’re going through it right now, you’ve more than likely spent hours reading about the process and trying to figure out what you can do to best maximise your chances of success

For that reason, we‘re excited to tell you all about a new book with answers to all your questions in one place. IVF: All You Need to Know is a collaboration between our very own Sue Bedford, a nutritional therapist with a specialist interest in women’s health and fertility and Clare Goulty, an experienced writer and magazine editor. Both have been through successful IVF procedures and both wished that such a book had been available to them at the time.

The book is an essential handbook for anyone considering IVF

It’s filled with information on what’s really involved and how to best prepare for fertility treatment. It’s also helpful for anyone who may have had a failed cycle of IVF in the past and wanting to boost their chances of success in the future.

Written by world leading fertility experts, the book has also been edited by women who have undergone multiple IVF cycles and have had the babies of their dreams and know what it takes to survive IVF

It’s a comprehensive guide to the entire process covering topics from choosing the right fertility clinic and understanding each stage of the process to preparing yourself physically and emotionally. Ways to maximise the health of egg and sperm ahead of going through fertility treatment.

Both women have had successful IVF procedures and say they wish that a book of this calibre and depth had existed when they were living and breathing the process

Also included is information on the increasing use of egg freezing and donor assisted IVF procedures and real life stories from inspiring women who have all experienced IVF.

The book also contains key contributions from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the UK’s independent regulator for fertility treatment and research. HFEA Chair, Sally Cheshire CBE, has written the foreword and opening chapter and we at IVF Babble have also provided some comforting words.


IVF: All You Need to Know is out now and costs £9.99 and is available to purchase here

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