UK’s Strictly Come Dancing star Anton Du Beke opens up about his fertility struggles

Anton Du Beke has millions of fans that are dazzled by his suave moves on Strictly Come Dancing 2019. However, his life hasn’t always seen him glide through challenges

Du Beke and wife Hannah Summers battled infertility before their wedding in 2017. Speaking recently to The Independent, Du Beke revealed that he stood by his partner as she dealt with “massive problems with endometriosis.”

Endometriosis, affects up to 1.5 million women in the UK alone

It is characterised by a prevalence of the cells that line the uterus in other parts of the body. Each month, these cells build up and then shed a layer, resulting in cramping and bleeding. Unlike the cells in the uterine lining, the blood has nowhere to go.  This results in pain, inflammation and scar tissue. It can make natural conception difficult or impossible.

Du Beke spoke about the importance in being open about issues surrounding infertility

“Endometrioisis is one of those silent things that women go through on their own, which they shouldn’t. I don’t know why they do. They should stand up and talk about it, because so many women go through it.”

“It’s a funny old thing, I remember when I was competing as a dancer, and you look around and you think, everybody’s got it better than you. ’I wish I was more like him.’ But everybody’s got their own demons. And it’s not till much later you find out that he had the same problems you had. And he had other problems you didn’t have.”

Thankfully, the happy couple was able to conceive with the help of IVF

Summers and Du Beke were 40 and 51 when they welcomed their twins, a son called George and a daughter called Henrietta. They got married immediately after the birth.

Du Beke says “I just had this urge. It was our fifth year of being together and it felt like the moment. Together for five years, we’re getting married.”

He also spoke about his adoration for his wife

“It just fills you with even more admiration for somebody who goes through that. We were fortunate that we got it [the twins] on the first go. But it’s a massive thing.”

The couple’s relationship, and their beautiful family, is certainly lovely to witness and gives hope to the millions of women with endometriosis around the world.

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