Tania Zaetta opens up about her ‘miracle’ twins

‘Aussie Action Girl’ and Bollywood starTania Zaetta, experienced a ‘miracle’ pregnancy last year, and is now a mum to twins

After being told she would never become pregnant, she has beaten the odds and is now the proud mother of nine month old Alby and Kenzie.

When she was 41, Zaetta (now 49) was told she would never be able to have a child naturally, and that she had low quality eggs. She soon met her partner Chris Rogers, and the couple vowed to do everything within their power to conceive. Thanks to a fertility specialist in Melbourne, their dreams have come true.

Zaetta and Rogers were able to source an anonymous egg donor from the Genesis Hospital in Athens

Their Melbourne IVF doctor Nick Lolatgis recommended this option for them, and the pair traveled to Greece.

Sourcing an egg donor in Australia can be difficult, and so Zaetta was able to find one in Greece and was matched with the perfect donor for her background

“You fill out your paper work, your height, your eye colour, your skin colour, your background. Obviously for me it’s Italian, so the egg donor is of Italian origin, from Northern Italy. They match you with the right egg donor they have from anywhere around the world. You go over there and it’s anonymous, they just implant the egg with Chris’ sperm, a normal IVF process.”

Miraculously, Zaetta successfully became pregnant on her first try

She used an egg from an anonymous Italian donor and the good news continued when the couple were told they were having twins!

While some might face scrutiny for their choice to have a baby at the age of 48, Zaetta has only had a positive experience. “I don’t feel like I’ve had any judging at all because I was always very open about saying I wanted children, but I just didn’t meet the right person.”

Now, she and her husband are over the moon, and they are in love with their little ones

“Every day I pick up my little twins and in the back of my head I think how lucky we are and also that it worked first time. Look at these miracles, they just knock my heart out every day.”

In addition to acting and TV presenting, Zaetta is also a qualified natural health and beauty therapist. She sells oils and health products on her successful website. Husband Chris is the day manager of the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Have you had a baby in your late 40s/50s? Did you use your own or donor eggs? We would love to hear from you at mystory@ivfbabble.com or why not share your story on social media @ivfbabble

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