The pineapple support packs and teaming up with The Fertility Partnership

We can’t quite believe that we are actually writing an article about something we have dreamt about since we launched that has actually come true – the IVF babble support pack!!

Let us tell you more…

As you know, our mission at IVF babble has always been to create something we wish we’d had when we were going through fertility treatment. We craved support, guidance and reassurance right from the start . . . and as what we were about to embark on was huge, that it was going to be ok.

As you probably already know, that first consultation with an IVF clinic is incredibly overwhelming. You sit there, full of excitement, fear, adrenaline and hope. You try and take in what the consultant is saying, as he talks you through the IVF process. You can hear him talking, but as you leave, you think “what did he say?!”

Myself and Tracey are both parents to twins after our own fertility treatment, so we know all too well the feeling of being totally overwhelmed, and having so much information to take in from that first consultation. The talk of stimulation and injections, monitoring, retrieval, transfer and the Two Week Wait, as well as explanations of tests and investigations, all blurs into one, all you know is that you just want to get started!!

We both remember back then, thinking if only we could take away a support pack, a bit like the packs our lucky friends with babies took away with them on the day they left hospital with their baby. Just a little something that would give us that reassurance that just because the appointment is over, the support doesn’t stop.

With this idea in mind, we began a conversation with The Fertility Partnership who were equally excited about teaming up to create the ultimate patient support

Something to help make sure that you feel supported and informed throughout your fertility journey from the moment you leave that first consultation.

And so began the creation of the The PIneapple Support Pack that AMAZINGLY, The Fertility Partnership will be giving to EVERY patient at their first consultation!!!!

This is a dream come true!

Each patient will receive . . .

A canvas bag with our pineapple pin logo on the front,

Our now very famous pineapple pin (currently being exhibited in the Science Museum as a symbol of the wonderful TTC community)

A card with a unique code that entitles patients to 3 FREE months of, our interactive support platform, which offers you guidance and support throughout every stage of your treatment through expert advice, comfort from the TTC community and a shop bursting with discounted products.

Within BabblePrime, patients will find an amazing support network and much more, along with a series of The Fertility Partnership videos explaining each stage of the IVF process. You can really take your time to understand exactly what to expect during your treatment.

In addition, patients will get free access to a series of ever growing wellness articles and videos, mindfulness exercises, fitness plans and guidance on alternative therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology.

The TTC Buddy section, is where you will be able to find a friend anywhere in the world who understands exactly what you are going through. Simply fill out your profile, then find exactly what you are looking for in a TTC friend by using the filter.

This Support Pack offers total support and comfort outside of the clinic and really shows how much The Fertility Partnership care about their patients’ wellbeing

Our dream is for every clinic across the globe to eventually support their patients this way, Leaving your clinic with this pack means you are supported. You don’t have to think too far ahead and try and understand everything in one go. You can take each stage as it comes and feel comforted that you are supported and hopefully experiencing a more informed fertility experience.

We would love to know your thoughts . . .

Would you like your clinic to support you in this way? Did you feel overwhelmed after your first consultation? Would you like to have known there was an interactive support platform waiting for you when you got home? Drop us a line at

Huge love

Sara and Tracey x


Jude Fleming, COO of The Fertility Partnership explains more about our collaboration and these amazing support packs in a recent article published in the UK’s Guardian newspaper 

For find out more about The Fertility Partnership visit here

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