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We spoke to the team at Medistella about how they aim to make your fertility journey that little bit easier

Considering fertility treatment for the first time can be a confusing, unsettling and emotionally draining time. There are so many questions to ask, so many clinics to choose from and many decisions to make. If you choose to have your treatment abroad, the list of questions gets even longer, which is why we were really interested to hear more about an organisation called Medistella who help guide those considering fertility treatment, in the right direction. We spoke to the team and asked them to tell us a bit more. 

Can we start with the question that automatically springs to mind…is this going to cost the patient more money?!

No!! Medistella is a FREE service based in the Czech republic, that evaluates a woman’s needs and matches her with partnering clinics in different parts of the world. We aide in the facilitation of information to make sure women of all backgrounds have a clear understanding of their therapy and that the process is carried out smoothly. 

How did the company start?

The company was founded in 2016 by former IVF coordinators Anna Dostalova and Michaela Novotna, who both had a passion to do more to guide and advocate for women during this complex process.

How does it work? 

First of all, we listen to the patient’s story and ask about any previous IVF experiences so that we get a better feel of where to direct them. We also take into account their budget, wishes and preferences. The goal is not to provide you with a list of clinics, but with a clinic which can facilitate your needs, from a medical, economical and social view. 

How many clinics are you partnered with? Where in the world are they? Why have you chosen to partner with them?

We have 20 partner clinics, some of which are in the Czech Republic where we are based. These clinics have fantastic reputations for their medical care. We also have partners with clinics in Spain, the leading country in the fertility field, although slightly more expensive compared to the Czech Republic though. 

We also have two more  locations on the coast in Greece and Cyprus. If you are a couple trying to keep the costs as low as possible, then  Slovakia is an option. 

What makes a clinic the right clinic for me?

It can vary for each individual couple. You should feel confident about communication, treatment, price and the overall impression. What’s more, some countries don’t allow certain treatments, so patients have to cross the borders. We are talking about patients like single mothers to be, egg donation, or  lesbian couples. It is also said that some patients do not travel for their treatment because they want to but because they need to.

We visit all our clinics personally. Each doctor and coordinator has been spoken to, and every laboratory inspected. You can follow us on social media so that you get an idea because we share our experience from our partner clinics (#behindthescenes). We have active partnerships which means that we always know at which stage our patient is and ask for feedback so that we can be sure all is clear and going smoothly.

Can anyone come to you for guidance, wherever they are in the world?

Anyone wanting to start a family, who is  experiencing fertility issues, can come to us for guidance. We fill in the blanks on any ambiguity concerning treatment facilities and make sure that the client’s needs are always fulfilled. All of our clients are from other countries and we have served over 600 clients this year alone – a figure which is growing each year.







What are the different types of services you offer?

We have an after hours service available so our patients can rest assured their concerns are addressed timely, one free airport pickup (if your treatment is in Prague, the most common destination currently), traveling information (transportation, accommodations, entertainment), discounts (when available) at certain clinics, hotels, acupuncture and a friend to be alongside our clients through their journey.

How do you support people going through infertility issues?

Our first line of support is that we have team members who can personally relate to our clients. These team members have undergone fertility treatments using Medistella services and are sympathetic to the needs and emotions of our clients. They help provide an open and honest experience and suggestions on how to tackle some of those feelings and wait times. Because of their first-hand knowledge, they become a trusted companion through the therapy process.

Clients feel comfortable sharing their successes and struggles allowing Medistella to further support them on their journey. In addition, we do offer counselling. We established an official link with psychologists, fertility coaches who we collaborate with constantly so we make sure we understand various types of patients with different backgrounds.

What campaigns or initiatives are you involved in when it comes to infertility?

We are in a research group in an international study where the main core is the social impact. This study promotes the engagement of reproductive science with wider society through alignment of clinical services and information dissemination with the knowledge, concerns and expectations of the population.

We strongly believe it is very important that society receives the most relevant information and is protected from misleading information clinics sometimes provide. The internet nowadays is a very strong source and it is very easy for individuals to accept wrong information as the only truth and so they can get lost whilst deciding on treatments.

We also actively participate in any given opportunity to spread fertility awareness and our team attends ESHRE and other medical symposiums

What message would you give to anyone who may be experiencing fertility issues?

You are not alone in this process. It can be very overwhelming at the beginning of this journey. However, once you make your decision and step on this path, follow your instinct and go to talk to somebody who is experienced in this field. Medistella can save you time, energy and money too. As a facilitator, we are here to make your therapy less stressful and offer support which can significantly influence the process. For many couples from the UK (and of course other countries) it is good news that your therapy can be affordable, done in a high quality clinic and organised effectively

What is the company’s ethos?

Our mission is to help. The company is built on experience, knowledge, empathy, constant education and willingness to help. We are a caring brand, which means we are more than merely a business. We want clients to know they are loved, valued and supported. We want clients to identify with our philosophy. We spend countless hours researching the best possible clinics and technology because we care about the outcome of each client. 

We strive to have open and honest communications with our partnering clinics to make sure each client receives the highest standard of therapy.

We feel very responsible and aware of the commitment each client makes to undergo fertility treatments overseas and we want to be able to help in any way we can, so that patients can feel confident and comfortable while receiving their treatment.

New year gift for you

Medistella team would like to give away 100 vouchers of 100 EUR for new couples and women who go ahead with IVF therapy (IVF with own oocytes/donor eggs) as a  gift. This offer is valid until January 31, 2020 and the treatment has to start by Spring 2020 (final date is April 30).

To take advantage of this offer, use the promotional code  #medistella100 and email

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