A Jersey woman helps her friends become parents, acting as their surrogate

In a recent short video produced by ITV, a Karina Ward explains why she chose to help her best friends become parents by acting as their surrogate

Ward, from Jersey, chronicles her experiences as a surrogate not once but twice for two different sets of friends. She describes it as a crazy decision, but the best adventure in her life so far.

After seeing her dear friend Sue struggle for years with infertility, Karina decided that she could help. After having her own children (a pre-requisite for most surrogacy volunteers), she decided that she was in a unique position to help Sue’s dreams come true. After initially laughing about the possibility, the two began planning.

Ward says, “We kind of laughed about it at first, but she knew I was serious. Once my son had been born I knew I could carry a baby, then as soon as my daughter was born, we said let’s do it.”

Much to Sue’s utter delight, Karina became pregnant with twins

Sue went from dealing with infertility and heartache to preparing for her own babies to come home from the hospital.

Karina originally thought that she would only ever offer to be a surrogate one time, but she felt a sense of happiness and benevolence after helping Sue. She felt that she could give this immense gift to other people, and was delighted to offer the opportunity to her friend Daniel and his partner Hilario. They were able to complete their little family with her generous and selfless gift.

She reflects on this decision with love. “To actually be able to get to the point where you have helped somebody become parents is just the most mind-blowingly crazy adventure you could ever imagine yourself on.

I’ve got four surrogate children that I helped bring into the world, and it’s an absolute pleasure to watch them grow up with their families.”

Karina has chosen to speak out about her experiences as a surrogate in order to raise awareness about the option, and encourage other women to consider doing the same.


What do you think about Karina Ward’s decision to be a surrogate for two of her friends? Is this something that you would consider doing if you were able? Would you take one of your friends up on this generous offer? We would love to hear from you at mystory@ivfbabble.com or share this post @ivfbabble with someone you think might consider surrogacy

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