IVFbabble inspiration, Professor Robert Winston is hosting a live Facebook webinar!

When we created IVFbabble, like with anything new, we needed sound advice from a trusted source. So we went straight to the most trusted source when it comes to fertility treatment – IVF pioneer Professor Robert Winston

He gave us the most incredible advice and we’ll never forget his kindness. We literally love this man, and we’re so happy that he’s hosting a webinar in January where he’ll be answering questions on the topic of fertility live on Facebook.

You can join Professor Robert Winston as he answers fertility questions in a live Facebook webinar on Wednesday 22nd January between 1pm and 2pm GMT.

Professor Winston developed new techniques to make fertility treatments better in the 1970s and went on to develop new ways to improve IVF success rates. He also developed pre-implantation techniques to allow families with genetic tendencies for certain diseases to have children free from these serious illnesses. His work has touched the lives of countless families.

So this is a unique opportunity to hear from an IVF expert with over 50 years in the fertility field!

You can ask your questions in the live chat at the time, or you can send them in advance by email if you’d prefer to stay anonymous. Just email your questions in before 22nd January to contact@genesisresearchtrust.com and make sure you don’t include any confidential medical notes. Professor Winston won’t be able to reply to your emails directly but may choose to include your question anonymously during the live event.

This is Professor Winston’s second such webinar and it’s completely free to attend.

Register your interest or click that you’re going on the Facebook event page, and make sure you share the page if you think you have friends who may benefit from the event

This event is hosted by the Genesis Research Trust, Professor Robert’s own charity organisation funding research to help understand and support the progress of treatments to help reduce preventable baby loss.

Founded in 1978, the Trust is based at the prestigious Imperial College London and is the largest collaboration of reproductive health researchers in the UK. The mission of these world class scientists and doctors is to investigate how to better diagnose and treat infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

The first webinar was an enormous success, helping to answer the questions of many, many people. It links in with the Ask Robert section of the Genesis Research Trust website, which contains much valuable and trustworthy fertility advice.

If you’d like to watch the first fertility webinar held by Professor Winston, we’ve included a copy of it here.

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