A Danish study shows that vitamin D could help women conceive

Could vitamin D be the secret to helping women experiencing fertility issues to conceive?

A Danish nationwide cohort study suggests that it may have valuable properties that can help overcome fertility struggles

Women diagnosed as infertile who consistently supplement their diets with Vitamin D had significantly higher chances of having a live birth.

The study took place over a full decade, and included five years of a nationwide dietary program designed to increase Vitamin D consumption. Researchers examined the historic medical records of 16,212 women who had previously been diagnosed with female infertility. This data, ranging from records dated June 1, 1980 and August 31, 1991, was obtained from Danish Infertility Cohort. Their patient ID numbers were then compared to the Danish Medical Birth Register in order to assess whether they had gone on to have a child.

The time period included five years of Denmark’s margarine Vitamin D fortification program, and five years after it ended. Between the years 1962 and 1985, all margarine in the country was fortified with 50 IU of Vitamin D per 100 grams. This is 13% of the average daily Vitamin D intake.

Women diagnosed as infertile during the vitamin D time frame had a staggering 87% higher chance of having a live baby than the women who were diagnosed with infertility after margarine stopped being fortified.

Special care was taken to rule out seasonal and lifestyle factors, and advanced statistical methods were employed. The study is remarkable, because it seems to show that even small amounts of additional Vitamin D can have a big impact on fertility.

Hugh Taylor MD, President-elect of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, stated: “This large, nationwide study shows that small increases in vitamin D levels can have appreciable positive effects for infertility patients. Vitamin D deficiency is common where exposure to sunlight is limited and it affects many of our patients. While more research is needed on vitamin D and human reproductive function, we should advise women who are attempting to conceive that vitamin D supplementation may be helpful.”

More studies need to be conducted, but this research shows promising results for Vitamin D supplements. Many pre-natal vitamins include Vitamin D and it certainly seems worthwhile taking this important vitamin.

Does this study give you hope? If you are trying to conceive, do you take Vitamin D and folic acid to prepare your body and increase your chances of a healthy live birth? We’d love to hear from you at mystory@ivfbabble.com or share your thoughts on social media @ivfbabble

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