Danielle Fox launches a new infertility podcast called Mission Baby

Any woman who has struggled with infertility will relate to the following words, written by fashionista Danielle Fox in Vogue Magazine

“A bright stain serving as a stark reminder that another round of fertility treatment hadn’t worked. The cruel thing was, I was due to take a pregnancy test the next day after an agonisingly long two week wait. My body, it seemed, was failing me at every turn.”

Fox, like an estimated one in eight UK women, suffers from infertility. She, like many others, has been given a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility.’ As the health & beauty editor for Net-a-Porter and Porter, she is used to things being ‘just so,’ but the unpredictability and emotional pain of infertility is anything but neat and tidy.

After trying countless holistic therapies (including a visit to Gwyneth Paltrow’s shaman, Sinead De Hora, and three sessions with a psychic), Fox realised that her only hope was IVF

Daunted by long waiting times for the NHS, she and her husband decided to go the private route. Once there, she met Simone, her nurse and ‘part doula, part fertility BFF’ at the fertility clinic.

“Simone was there at every consultation, including some when my husband wasn’t able to be; she was there for blood tests, came into theatre with me and held my hand during every invasive procedure.”

During her IVF journey, Fox started to notice that finding credible information on the fertility process was shockingly difficult. She and Simone decided to launch the Mission Baby Podcast, where they interview leading experts from the holistic and medical fertility fields.

Fox writes that she wants “to be a part of changing the conversation, because when we talk more about infertility, we start to remove the stigma that still surrounds it.”

In the meantime, Fox and her partner have not given up hope. They recently underwent a successful round of ISCI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), and they now have five frozen embryos. She is hoping to one day fall pregnant; in her words, “I’ve just got to keep the faith.”

You can find the Mission Baby podcast on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts, where new episodes are released weekly. 

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