American Air Force grants $50k in fertility testing

With the average cost of one round of IVF in the US costing more than $12,000, it’s clear that fertility treatments are out of reach for many

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that in fact around 12% of the American population as a whole will experience fertility issues. But for women currently serving in the forces, that figure stands at around 37%, highlighting that almost 40% of women helping to protect their country, may experience a greater difficulty having a family.

So the US Air Force has stepped in with a $50,000 investment in Proov, a company that provides kits to women to self-test their progesterone levels

The kits, that normally cost $40 each and give a result in five minutes, will be provided for free to women in the forces who request one. They will also be offered an appointment with a fertility consultant who can talk them through their options.

The Air Force has awarded Proov with a Small Business Innovation Research Grant to help women self-diagnose low progesterone levels which could be causing their fertility problems. In fact, the Federal Office on Women’s Health says that many cases of infertility are due to low progesterone levels.

Proov say that by allowing women to cheaply and simply self-test their progesterone levels, they can “remove a significant number of women who have a hormone imbalance from the IVF pool”

By catching women with low progesterone early, owner and CEO of Proov, Amy Beckley says they can “give much needed and earlier fertility care access to Air Force employees without the high price tag and emotional stress of IVF”.

Amy says that the company’s ultimate goal is to “create a virtual platform to support all military couples trying to conceive with education and diagnostics that work within their timelines and budget”.


If you’re in the US Air Force and you’re interested in a progesterone testing kit from Proov, visit here to learn more. These tests will only be available until the grant runs out.

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