Rosanna Davison boards a plane to meet her baby daughter, carried via surrogate

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison boarded a flight on November 11 to meet her baby girl for the first time

The baby girl, due today, will be delivered via a surrogate after Davison and her husband could not conceive naturally.

The Irish beauty queen shared a photo of herself at the Dublin Airport, captioning it: “Today we leave on the adventure of a lifetime to finally meet our new baby girl (whenever she decides to make her grand entrance into the world!),” she posted for her 163k followers on the photo sharing app.

“It’s exactly a year to the day since we signed our surrogacy contracts…The universe certainly works in weird and wonderful ways. #novemberbaby #oursurrogacyjourney.”

Davison is the daughter of singer Chris de Burgh, and was the inspiration for the song “For Rosanna,” included on his 1986 album. Now she is preparing to be inspired by her own daughter! She and her husband Wes Quirke chose to seek out a surrogate when she was diagnosed with an immune system disorder.

Failing to get pregnant weighed heavily on her, and she blamed herself when she couldn’t conceive

“I blamed myself for a good part at the beginning of the process anyway until I was diagnosed with an immune system issue which wasn’t treatable in the end because they couldn’t specifically find it.”

“It was a huge relief when my doctor rang me in the middle of 2017 because I thought it might be treatable. I knew there was something wrong medically once he called and I knew that it wasn’t because I had a cup of coffee or went to the gym.”

Many women who are struggling with their own fertility can certainly relate to her feelings

Her Instagram comment feed has been flooded with well-wishers and fans congratulating her on motherhood, and relating their own experiences with infertility and surrogacy.

Davison has not forgotten about her struggles with conception. She recently posted, “Feeling deeply grateful that my dream of being a mother is so close to coming true and I’m not going to take a moment of it for granted.

“But every single day I think of those of you struggling on your journey to make your own baby miracle happen and how emotionally, mentally and physically difficult it is to cope with infertility, IVF cycles and pregnancy loss.”

“Sending love and hope to those of you in what can be a very lonely place. Everybody deserves their bundle of joy.” Her words certainly resonated with many fans.

Rosanna is absolutely beaming in her most recent Instagram post, and she claims that she and Wes are “dying” to meet their “little lady.”

Congratulations to the happy family!

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