‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kenya Moore contemplates having a baby with a surrogate

One of the stars of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, recently opened up to the American gossip rag Us Weekly about her potential plans for a second baby

The stunning Moore, who is 48, has a one-year old daughter. However, during her recent pregnancy, she suffered from preeclampsia.

She currently co-parents her baby Brooklyn with her ex, Marc Daily, after their split in September of this year

As she takes on the challenge of single motherhood, she also wants to grow her family through surrogacy.

“I didn’t need to consider surrogacy the first time,” she stated in her US Magazine interview.  “But now that I’ve had complications after giving birth, it’s probably the only way I could carry and have a child again.”

Moore is part of a growing trend of women with health conditions who are choosing to add to their families with the help of a surrogate. Most famously, Kim Kardashian-West chose to have her third and fourth children with a surrogate, after suffering from placenta accreta. This is a condition that causes the placenta to root too deeply inside the body, making delivery very complicated and painful.

For Moore, surrogacy might also be a viable option for another child, something she wants for herself and her little daughter

She says “Brooklyn loves other kids. I would like for her to have a playmate and someone who is like her confidant and close friend, and I want that for her. I just don’t know when.”

Moore claims that she doesn’t yet have concrete plans for her second baby, but she wants it to happen sooner than later.  “I am pushing a certain number, and I want be healthy, vibrant and available” for both Brooklyn and another baby.


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