ProcreaTec International Fertility Clinic offers free IVF cycle as part of World Fertility Day

IVF babble is thrilled to announce a partnership with ProcreaTec International Fertility Clinic to offer a free round of IVF to one of our lucky followers 

ProcreaTec, which opened its doors in 2008, is a leading fertility centre and offers cutting-edge techniques available in the field of human assisted reproduction. The medical team has more than 25 years personalising every patient’s treatment to cater to individual needs.

The free IVF cycle includes

Medical treatment and follow-up until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, medication plan, ovarian puncture, sperm capacitation of the partner, fertilisation, embryo culture under hypoxia conditions until blastocyst stage and first embryo transfer. The fertilisation technique (IVF, ICSI) depends on the eggs and sperm quality and this decision is made by our embryology team, without any change or charge for the patients.

Every patient is different and needs a personalised treatment plan. This means that the lucky ones might not need an IVF Plus treatment.

After the first consultation, if it has been determined that the patients need a different approach (using an egg donor or a sperm donor for instance), they will obviously have the option to follow our medical advice receiving the corresponding discount of an IVF Plus treatment of €6,500.

In terms of time, the treatment plan only depends on the individual. As soon as the clinic receives their contact data, their personal coordinator will get in touch with them and plan their first consultation and then their treatment according to their availability. The entire team, doctors, patient coordinators, embryologists are all fluent in English, therefore the entire patient journey, including emails and phone calls, written treatment plan, medical prescriptions, legal documentation, medical consultations and procedures, until the ongoing pregnancy, will be in the patient’s native language.

IVF babble would like to thank ProcreaTec and its team for such a wonderful chance to be given to a couple or individual to have the opportunity to follow their dream of becoming a parent

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