myLotus announces their first birth and how they can help those TTC

We love hearing stories from readers about their fertility journeys. Not only does it offer such incredible support to others, it’s fascinating to see the path they took to get there. So, when we heard the news that myLotus® had recently announced their first birth ‘Sonny’ who was born on the 25th September 2019, only 10 months after the launch of the monitor to the UK market, we wanted to know can a fertility monitor help you conceive?!

So what is the myLotus fertility monitor?

myLotus® is the most accurate fertility monitor on the UK market and empowers women to gain greater understanding and control of their menstrual cycle and their chances to conceive. It allows women to test their hormone levels at home to identify their most fertile days and improve their chances of a natural pregnancy. myLotus® provides full visibility of their ovulation profile and cycle, unlike ever before. 

How does it do that?

myLotus® is the only home self-test to ‘quantitatively’ measures (its shows a numerical value) of level of LH (luteinizing Hormone) in a woman’s urine and accurately shows the ‘rate-of-change’ of this hormone level leading up to and around the time that ovulation occurs; This aids the chances of a natural conception (or even assisted conception for example when used alongside IUI). And as if it couldn’t get any better……the monitor also works for 100% of women, even those with PCOS, irregular cycles and other menstrual issues can also use myLotus®. It can also be used alongside fertility medication such as Clomid and Letrozole.

By measuring, recording and tracking their hormone levels and following their fertility journey in the accompanying free downloadable app women can ensure that their optimal time to conceive – in fact by using the monitor they can now predict when they will be in their fertile phase and plan in advance!

And along came Sonny!

Isabel Gordon (mother of Sonny Rocco Gordon) said; “Thank you for bringing us Sonny, without myLotus® I am sure he wouldn’t be here… myLotus® couldn’t have been a better purchase if it tried. From the moment I came across it on Instagram, it just made so much sense to buy. Having been told it could possibly be a harder route for me to fall pregnant, I wanted something I could trust to help me and something which made total sense. myLotus® easily explains all the different features of how to use it, and the fact that it produces an individualised LH level for each ovulation test is quite frankly genius. This allowed me to track my ovulation in such a concise way that I felt in safe hands. The app is an added bonus which uses your data to inform you when you should be taking a pregnancy test and stores all your test results if you ever need to look back over or show your doctor. We fell pregnant within our first cycle of using myLotus®, and I feel passionately that this was purely down to it. My average LH levels were quite low, so only myLotus® would have been able to catch my spike using the numerical factor. The added bonus of myLotus® was the 9 pregnancy tests the pack comes with, which I happily used every single one to quadruple check I really was pregnant :)”

So can myLotus help other women struggling to conceive?

myLotus® is available to all women who are planning to start a family or for those who have previously struggled to conceive naturally. For women that have used other ovulation tests methods in the past that either didn’t show a result, or gave a consistently high reading, they can relax in the knowledge that with myLotus® they will get the most accurate fertility monitor in the UK and that their hormone levels and LH surge will be detected.

Alongside this amazing new technology is a fully supported programme where women can gain the advice and support, if they need it, when they need it by fully qualified medical professionals.

Want to find out more or have any questions about myLotus? Then please check out more here or follow them on social: @mylotusmonitor.

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