Model Rhian Sugden opens up about her struggles with fertility – and online trolls

Any woman struggling to become pregnant is going through their own personal hell

Now imagine receiving hurtful insults about your fitness to be a mother from online trolls. That’s the exactly what happened to model Rhian Sugden, 32, when she revealed that she was undergoing a second round of IVF.

She recently posted an emotional Instagram video about her attempts to conceive a baby. Speaking through tears, she revealed that people had sent her messages claiming that her challenges were ‘karma’ for her career choices and scandals of the past.

Sugden wed her husband, Coronation Street actor Oliver Mellor, in a romantic ceremony in Turkey in September 2018. After failing to fall pregnant within the first year, the couple consulted with doctors. After being told that she ‘had the egg count of a 45 year-old,’ Sugden revealed her dismay to her followers on Instagram.

‘It’s a whole new level of cruelty”

However, in addition to receiving an outpouring of support, Sugden also received hateful messages from online trolls. People told her that she ‘didn’t deserve to be a mother’ because she worked as a Page 3 model in the past and was at the centre of rumours in the past. In 2010, she was also embroiled in a ‘sexting’ scandal with UK TV presenter Vernon Kay, who is married to Tess Daly.

These nasty comments have heaped a huge amount of stress on top of the already beleaguered couple

Due to her low egg count, Sugden has been advised that she only has a 2% chance of falling pregnant with IVF.

In her video, she said: ‘I’ve come forward to talk about my IVF struggles and I’ve also started a blog to talk about it. But some of the comments underneath the article are absolutely disgusting.”

‘People are saying I don’t deserve to have babies, because I was a Page 3 model and saying my kids are gonna get bullied saying it’s karma from things that have happened for why I can’t have kids.”

Shockingly, people also commented that she should have started attempts to conceive at a much younger age

She said that people posted comments, “saying I don’t deserve any NHS funding because I should have started when I was younger. It’s a really sensitive subject and I appreciate that people get trolled all the time online, me included.”

“I’m happy get trolled over how I look or things I might say but this is a whole new level of cruelty, and it really affects me.”

The trolls have truly sunk to a new low. Any woman going through fertility treatment needs support and warmth, not second-guesses about her past choice or cruel shaming.

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