Let us introduce you to the wonderful work of Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading US surrogacy and egg donor agency

Extraordinary Conceptions is a leading US surrogacy and egg donation agency, based in California and formed in 2004. The company was founded by chief executive, Mario Caballero after a ten-year struggle to fulfil his and his wife’s dream of becoming parents. The couple now have teenage twins.

Mario said: “The first time my daughter touched my hand and told me she loved me was when I decided that everyone deserves the love of a child.”

IVF babble sat down with the company to find out all about its ethos, who it caters for and how it can help you become a parent.

Who do you cater for?

“We feel so grateful to be able to help clients from all over the world. While our main office is in Carlsbad, California, we have representatives in the UK, Canada, Italy, France and China. Traveling abroad on average every three to four months, our executive director, Mario, is able to meet personally with many international couples one on one answering questions and providing guidance.

What is the ethos of the company?

“At Extraordinary Conceptions we believe in helping our future parents, egg donors and surrogates through every step of the process. We understand that having a family through egg donation or surrogacy can be a delicate matter so the privacy of all parties is preserved and held in the strictest confidence. Our agency approaches all aspects of fertility with sensitivity, respect and dignity and is committed to the success of our clients.

We understand that this is an emotional, physical, and financial strain on most families, and we hope to alleviate as much of that as we can. To do this we have two programs at Extraordinary Conceptions:

With the Stress-Free Program at Extraordinary Conceptions, clients do not have to sign agency documents or pay agency fees until their egg donor passes her medical and psychological screenings per the clinic’s requirements.

Our Single Agency Fee Experience (SAFE), is our way to be committed to our clients’ success. If the egg donation or surrogacy cycle is not successful the first time, clients may proceed with another cycle until positive results are achieved without paying another agency retainer fee. (Restrictions may apply)

Who do you cater for?

We work with all kinds of families including couples, single people, and the LGBTQ community and have no age limit.

What are the different types of services you offer?

“We offer egg donation and surrogacy services to future parents. From the moment you choose Extraordinary Conceptions up to well after you have brought your baby home, we are with you every step of the way. Staff members are made up of a compassionate team of specialists who also include former egg donors, former surrogate mothers, current surrogates, a former IVF nurse and former IVF patient concierge from prominent fertility clinics and doctors. With this vast experience amongst us we are happy to assist and consult wherever needed.

Extraordinary Conceptions truly makes a genuine stride with staff members who are both native and speak the languages of Italian, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, German, English, Czech, Japanese and Spanish. Our executive team thinks that this is so important, that they support language learning for all staff members.

How do you support people going through infertility issues?

At Extraordinary Conceptions we understand that going through infertility issues is stressful on emotional, physical, and financial levels. We do our best to help you through this journey by minimising this stress as much as we can – let us take the rein.

What other campaigns or initiatives are you involved in when it comes to infertility?

We support various organisations such as Men Having Babies, and Fertility Matters Canada, amongst others. With Men Having Babies, we sponsor their various events worldwide and are able to offer special discounts to Men and Couples who are in financial need. Fertility Matters Canada is an excellent educational organization that informs Canadian families who require fertility support.

How did you hear about IVF babble?

We have been watching IVF Babble grow into an amazing resource for those who are struggling with infertility. We love that infertility issues are being brought into the foreground and attention is being brought to the cause.

What message would you give to anyone who may be experiencing fertility issues?

We understand that having a family through egg donation or surrogacy can be a delicate matter so the privacy of all parties is preserved and held in the strictest confidence. Our agency approaches all aspects of fertility with sensitivity, respect and dignity and is committed to the success of our clients. We are here for you, and hope to support you through this journey.

J and R describe their journey to parenthood with the help of Extraordinary Conceptions

The first time J had proposed to R was in Rialto bridge, in Venice, Italy in February 2018, and he said yes. Since then, J is still proposing to R everyday just to let him know that he wants him for the rest of his life.

J said: “Due to our health condition (HIV), neither of us dared dream of having children of our own, but having our own family became the natural option for us. We were so happy with each other that we wanted to share all that happiness with children of our own, to give them love, to give them a cherishing home, a loving home where they can be raised in harmony, in order to become self-confident and balanced human beings.

“Of course the HIV was a problem, but we were informed by Extraordinary Conceptions that there are lot of gay couples who are HIV positive that still have kids of their own. So we spoke with Extraordinary Conceptions and with Dr Ringler, from California Fertility Partners, and were informed that it was possible to collect sperm without the HIV,  so we could proceed with our parenthood dream. That was the most important news that made us believe, more than anything else, that we could be parents of a healthy baby.

“Furthermore, after we have our own kids, we really want do try to adopt a child, even if they are six or seven years old. Actually, here in Portugal there are a lot of kids in foster houses and we would love to do something to help any of those kids. And as far as we have seen with some friends of ours, the adoption process is much easier and much faster when you already have kids of your own. We would love to have three kids. That would be a fantastic family.”

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