India’s Modi Government to set an age limit of 50 on IVF treatments

Dr Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister, recently revealed that Modi’s government is set to introduce a bill limiting the age of women who want to undergo IVF

IVF has recently been used in a number of high profile cases in India, attracting a lot of media attention from around the world. This is a hot topic for debate, particularly after a 74-year old woman and her 80-year old husband used IVF to conceive and give birth to twins. The Andhra Pradesh couple was able to access IVF through their local hospital in Guntur, which was flooded with requests for interviews after the birth.

This case seems to have driven the government to their limit

Fertility treatment is extremely popular in India, but critics wonder if it has gone too far.

In an interview with The Print, Dr Vardhan explained that an IVF age limit will be included in the 2019 Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill. The Modi government plans to introduce the bill during the next Parliament session.

“The bill will be introduced in Parliament after its draft is approved by the Ministry of Law and Justice and the Cabinet… it will be quite useful in preventing the exploitation of couples facing infertility.”

While the Indian Council of Medical Research set forth guidelines for the regulation of surrogacy in 2002, IVF is performed on couples far past their reproductive prime and concern that little regard is given to the health of the mother, or the quality of life of the children.

In 2008, The Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill was proposed, which included limits on maternal age for IVF, but it was never formally introduced

A draft can however be found on the Department of Health Research website stating that, “The assisted reproductive technology services shall not be available to a woman below the age of eighteen years and above the age of forty five years.”


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